Farewell to the Dayton Daily News

Dayton Daily News on life support

If the Dayton Daily News was a patient in a hospital, the doctors would be trying to move it to hospice as fast as possible so it won’t die in their hospital. It didn’t have to be this way, but, there never has been anyone digitally savvy in charge and it’s getting worse (as if Read More

For all its flaws, we still need the Dayton Daily news

This morning on Facebook an acquaintance was railing against the new Dayton Daily news paywall. There was an article she wanted to read (ironically about the shift to temp and part-time workers) but didn’t want to pay for. This is a person who rallies against minimum wage jobs, Monsanto and the 1%, yet, doesn’t think Read More

Dayton Daily News puts up a paywall: $9.99 a month

I used to be a subscriber 7 days a week. I read the paper front to back and hated to start the day without it. Unfortunately, towards the end, getting the newspaper on my doorstep before 6 a.m.  was a major problem for them- and I finally gave up when they refused to match my Read More