Do not vote for Adil Baguirov for County Recorder

Dr. Adil Baguirov slowing down the process of hiring a new school superintendent

Dr. Baguirov is a time bomb. Don’t elect him to anything.

Frequent readers of this blog know the amount of time I’ve spent writing about the sheer audacity of this shyster. He’s committed voter fraud, he broke the residency rule for school board, he was responsible for the entire Rhonda Corr shit-show (not that he didn’t have lots of help from n00bs like Sheila Taylor and Joe Lacey, and Ron Lee), he personally got involved in a real estate deal that he had a conflict of interest in with selling the Patterson Co-op site to CareSource for half the market value, he totally engineered the bus deal- where he has a business that does business with the benefactors, but, on top of all that- he’s the biggest liar I’ve ever met.

The local Republican party should be locked up and put in jail for even letting him get on the ballot.

The local Dems should be locked up for failing to do anything about all of the above when the smoking gun of this video was released:

Before you buy into his “I was a poor refugee from evil Russia” schtick, he left out the part that he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and that spoon is still feeding him, without him filing the appropriate paperwork identifying him as a foreign agent.

He put $90K into his campaign, of his own money. He’s trying to out-SEO my posts, and fill up youtube with a bunch of videos. Do NOT believe a thing he says. There is zero reason to vote for him.

There are a lot of things that should have, could have been looked into by our prosecutors office, the Ohio Ethics Commission, the Ohio Attorney General, the Ohio Secretary of State- but, all of them, ignored it, because, frankly, we have the best government money can buy, and he has plenty of access to cash. Read about how a quarter million arrived in his bank account, right after he “won” in his unopposed race for School board- where he came in dead last: Dayton’s International Man of Mystery, Adil Baguirov, has ties to Russian “Laundromat”

I dumbed down the headline from Azerbaijani Laundromat to Russian at the time, I probably shouldn’t have, but, international diplomacy and intrigue isn’t everyday reading material for most Daytonian’s and understanding the Armenia/Azerbaijan conflict is kinda hard when most of you have never heard of either. Needless to say it’s sort of like the Hatfield/McCoy Feud- with lots of money and espionage.

I don’t expect him to win, or even come close, mostly because I don’t think there are a lot of hard Republicans willing to vote for “Baguirov” vs the guy with the same last name as Bruce Willis’s character in Die Hard, but, who knows anymore. If he does win, I’d be questioning the validity of our voting system, and if it had been hacked. That’s the technological skill set that Baguirov probably has behind his race. Think the whole Russian interference in the 2016 election- he’d be the person to test if the Russians can fix an election- and you’re the crash test dummies for it- since he’s already gotten away with fraud in the past.

Please, share this with everyone you know. Please go to Youtube and down vote his videos in record numbers, but don’t watch them.

Please realize the only mystery about Adil Baguirov left is why he isn’t already in prison for the voter fraud of claiming the house on Maryland Ave as his and his business partners residence.

Trust me- he NEVER lived in that house. And, you don’t want him in charge of the records for your house either.

Wright State Trustees: unsafe at any speed

Usually, when a Board of Trustees misplaces over $130M, gets caught in a federal investigation of wrong doing over running an illegal trade in scientist with H1B visas (where multiple trustees or their companies were benefiting) and they still can’t explain after a $300K audit where the money went, they would get a pink slip. But, for some reason our lame duck governor John Kasich has no interest in fixing the mess he made picking this board.

We’ll start out with the number one problem, enrollment has dropped 10% this fall. Normally, when a company has a big drop in sales, the first thing you look into is why, and how to fix it. The why is pretty easy: Donald Trump shut down their pipeline of international students which has been keeping the university fat and happy (especially since they were working their indentured H1B servitude/modern day tech slavery operation on the side) and the second part comes from the bad press and inevitable looming strike. The new president and the inept board are still claiming a strike won’t happen, yet, the AAUP is dead set on it.

Let me ask you a simple question? Would you buy a ticket to the Broadway show Hamilton at full price, with the knowledge that there is a 50-50 chance that you will have to leave the show half-way through, and not know when you will be able to finish? Of course not, yet this is what they are asking of students.

The failure of the President and the Board to clear contract negotiations over the summer is grounds for termination. It’s inept. It’s risking everything. And what are we fighting over? Two things: Health care and tenure.

Let’s start with tenure. It isn’t going away, and this board isn’t in a position of strength to force this question at all. They should be wanting to grant tenure like the way they want to grant certificates, associates degrees and every other hare brained scheme they have to get students, because, once a faculty member has tenure, the odds of them leaving is a lot less. And leaving is something a lot of them are considering after the last 5 years of incompetence. Turnover is one of the clearest indicators of a shitty work environment and bad management. The flow of talent out of Wright State should be the number two concern after marketing. And maybe it should actually be number one, because without great teachers, what the hell are they selling out there? So, tenure is not something to be arguing about.

If you want a summary of what this board is up against, you don’t have any farther to go than a James Bond villain, Dr. No.  Actually, this Dr. No is a she, with an Irish accent, and you probably don’t want to play her in Jeopardy on Colonial American history.

This was at the Trustee’s meeting on Oct. 18, 2018 when she showed up along with Marvel villain, Dr. Doom, (sorry, I can’t resist- Dr. Travis Doom- head of the faculty senate and a well loved computer science professor), and told the board that they don’t have any super powers.

Of course, the fact that this board was meeting in one of their prime boondoggles, the former HQ of Wright Patt Credit Union, a building the board bought through an illegally crafted shell corporation, “Double Bowler” to benefit both board of Trustees President Doug Fecher, and also Wright State benefactor Bob Mills, who Fecher paid back by buying the old CSC building that was an anchor on Mills bottom line. That transaction alone should have put some folks in prison, but, this was the age of incompetence in Ohio- where basketball coaches got to keep their jobs because their star player liked them, and football coaches got to have horrible records and keep their jobs ( dang, Ty Lue got fired and then Hue Jackson, all this last weekend, maybe somethings going to change at Wright State too?).

This board has already shown what it thinks is important. D-1 Basketball, where no students go to games, and the university doubled the pay of the coach, despite being in a fiscal disaster, and STEM, certificates, and associates degrees… because, well, that’s really not our job, but, we’re too stupid to do our job, so look, squirrel!

What’s even better about meeting in the WPCU HQ- is that the board sits, quite literally, in the dark, hence the horrible video. It’s fitting. They are in the dark. The room was used for some kind of master planning exercise. One of those “groupthink” our way to mediocrity favored by Daytonians where it takes a herd to be heard. Around the room, on the managers offices, with their windows covered with post-its, are various themes for figuring out the Wright way out of the mess.

Wright State Trustees meeting in the darkHere are some of the “war room” names:

  • Alumni and Advancement
  • Community/Diversity/Globalization
  • Community Partnerships
  • Student Life
  • Imagination and Entrepreneurship

There are more- but, never is there a room with “Marketing.” Imagine that.

Now, since the last post, there have been two meetings of the mindless wonders called Trustees. First was the Oct. 18th meeting, where the faculty showed up in force. The outcome of that according to the Dayton Daily news- was that they sold two buildings for $2.3M.

One was the Kettering Center- a fiasco of a building downtown that WSU hasn’t been able to figure out what to do with for the last dozen years. It’s right across from Riverscape, and next to the Engineers center and ugly as sin. It’s also full of asbestos- making renovation and repurposing expensive. That building was sold for a million to KC Dayton Partners, LLC- which could be anyone. It’s not listed as an LLC in Ohio at the Secretary of States office.

The other building they sold, at a fire sale price to a real estate investment group out of Solon, a suburb of Cleveland, was part of the “Research Park” in Kettering that took perfectly good farmland and turned it into an oasis of tax abatement in Kettering. Reynolds and Reynolds abandoned downtown Dayton to move their campus there, Kodak/Scitex built a plant, and Community Blood Center and Tissue Services sank a ton of money out there too. Woolpert, a government contractor, helped create this mecca, yet, moved out of Dayton and directly across the street from this “oasis” so they could be in Beavercreek where there is no income tax. Smart. This was supposed to be the silicon valley of Dayton, with partners of the University of Dayton, Wright State and… well, Kettering, who is now buying back the land, because this oasis never really reached its potential. This was the STEM incubator, and was supposed to help put Wright State on the map. Instead, we’re on the map for asking to host a presidential debate then backing out. One other holding out by Research Park connected to Wright State is the STEM charter school- which has been another project that has benefited WSU donor Bob Mills. It’s currently adding an expansion- using his “Synergy Building Systems” company once again as the general contractor.

And, while the building has been on the tax rolls listed between $4M and $3M – they sold it for $1.3M. One has to wonder how this price came about, how potential bidders were notified, etc. Selling things at 70% off isn’t that hard. 54,612 sq feet of offices- 3 acres of land, built in 1985, sounds like a great deal for someone but not Wright State. Sounds like a much better deal than what “Double Bowler” paid for the building they were holding the meeting in which went for somewhere north of $4M for  63,849 square feet. But, then again, the board president wasn’t making money off this deal (that we know of). The big difference is that the Research Park building actually had tenants…

They heard from the Mission Vision twins again, but, I stepped out to hear and film the faculty press conference. I’ll have to review it and get back to you on their progress. It’s highly doubtful that this lipstick on the pig will do anything to bring students back or instill faith upon the heathen faculty. A much quicker way to change perception would be to clean sweep the board except for the student trustees and new Trustee Bruce Langos.  Yes, that’s me who you hear calling for Fecher and Bridges to resign. I think the audience was in too much of a state of shock to react- but a faculty speaker came up to me later and thanked me for it.

Fast forward to the finance committee meeting in the same empty building, still in the dark, last Friday. Fecher sat in, even though he’s not a finance committee member. This time, a much smaller audience, as the committee sits and listens to staff tell them that they are now working on their first 3 year plan. Nevermind that this board never asked for a three year plan before- or noticed the money flying out the door over five years. All is great and grand, as long as the faculty don’t strike and force yet another 10% to not enroll in the Winter- effectively blowing the whole thing out of the water.

Again- no mention of marketing, other than approving spending $53,508 with Ruffalo Noel Levitz LLC  to try to entice high school students to enroll, and wasting $76,235 with The Ohlmann Group of Dayton for “professional services to obtain traditional media space (print, broadcast, outdoor, direct mail), as well as digital media e.g. email, online social (Facebook, Twitter) and other digital media advertising services.” Remember- no marketing plan, yet- willing to spend money, hmmm. Readers of this blog will also recognize the Ohlmann Group as the agency of record for one of the other failure school boards- Dayton Public. And, wouldn’t you know it- they are also the agency of Board President Doug Fecher’s company, Wright Patt Credit Union. You should be seeing a pattern- or maybe you need a refresher?

There was a lot of discussion over the cost of health care, with Wright State being self-insured, but working through Anthem. The real question true “disrupters” would be asking is why doesn’t WSU turn the WPCU offices into a mini-public hospital for the school of medicine and compete directly with the duopoly of Kettering Health and Premier Health by offering cut rate, direct to consumer pricing care by the people who teach the rest of them how to deliver health care? By the time you take the cost of paying Anthem to be the middle man, and do all the negotiation of bullshit rates with the duopoly- you could be providing true community service and fixing health care in “Raider Country.” And, stop supplying cut rate interns to the people who are screwing you and all of us too.

But, we don’t have true disrupters or deep thinkers on the board. We have idiots. Because for the last half hour they were in a tizzy over online learning. They wanted more, higher quality, and kept talking like they could compete online- where they are a click away from Stanford, MIT, Harvard and others- and they can barely keep the doors open at Wright State.

As Tom Peters said in “In Search of Excellence” – “stick to the knitting” and Wright State’s knitting is basic degrees for white kids in a nine county or so area- where EVERYONE with a high school diploma gets in. If you’ve forgotten this, go back and read “The Fall of Wright State” and come back here.

You’ll never compete with online education with the overhead of that campus weighing you down. There are basic, fundamental strengths that Wright State does have, or could exploit- but that would require people with a bit more marketing brainpower than these fools seem to be able to access.  Hint- the accessible/disability services was one of your core strengths- get back to it. Second hint: The military ed part- you’re on the right track- but, your execution sucks. The rest, you’ll have to pay me, but, the idea of being an innovator in shaking up health care is a powerful one, especially since it’s the number one issue on voters minds in the upcoming midterms. Get busy on this- and forget about screwing your faculty- it won’t work. They are smarter than you- and they have the likes of Dr. No and Dr. Doom, and you’ve got Doug Feckless. I mean, Fecher.

And, stop meeting in the dark. It’s embarrassing.

For those of you who are students of consumer safety history- “Unsafe at any speed” was the book that pushed Ralph Nader to the forefront of automotive safety. What we have here is the Trustees that crashed the university known as Wright State from a high flying success into the ground. Until they’ve been removed- Wright State will continue to be at risk.






Mike Foley- the only Republican who deserves a Dems vote

Russ Joseph is the kind of politician who gives politicians a bad name. He’s never held a job outside of party politics, and he’s never had to put his name on a ballot until this election. But, yes, you know his name, he’s the brains behind his brothers successes at running for Dayton City Commission.

Of course, if you realize that Matt Joseph is a really nice guy yet totally worthless as a commissioner, and that Russ is the total opposite, and a menace to society, you’re half-way there.

The sad thing is even if Russ loses this race, he’ll go right back to Daddy Mark Owens and work for the Dayton Clerks office until Mark resigns early and the party puts Russ in the drivers seat again.

So what makes Russ Joseph love politics and power so much? He’s best friends with Nan Whaley, who also, would sell her soul to the devil for political power, which they wield via patronage jobs and taking care of the “friends and family” of the Monarchy of Montgomery County.

Russ doesn’t give a rat’s behind about solving the problems of our clerk of courts system which is redundant, duplicative, embarrassingly expensive and stupid. Need proof? Read this post on Reconstructing Dayton about the waste involved in our multiple municipal courts in Montgomery County and how much they cost us. “How many court websites do we need in Montgomery County?”

Yet, with all that said, Russ is currently running TV ads smearing his opponent with claims of missed child support. Nope, not issues affecting our courts, but issues that as a clerk of courts he ought to be able to get right. Fact is Mike Foley actually gets child support from his wife, since he has custody of their daughter. Oops, Russ.

Foley has put out a low budget video on Youtube to refute it. Watch it here.

Full disclosure, I’ve done some work for Mike in the past. Nothing on this campaign. He’s a small business man, and a veteran.

Russ Joseph is a spoiled little man child with a mean streak.

I have no problems crossing over to vote for a veteran over a patronage teat sucking political hack.

Vote Mike Foley.

In other races worthy of crossing political party lines for Republicans:

And to all you Republicans who are looking for other tips- no matter what, do not vote for Adil Baguirov, our local “International Man of Mystery” who is a liar and corrupt. Vote for Brandon McClain instead. He’s another veteran and a great guy.

You should also skip Doug Barry, who is hypocrite, a bully and the last thing we need on the County Commission. Vote for Carolyn Rice. She’s a total class act and a professional.

Any one of you who votes for Niraj Antani should be shot, by white kids with long guns in school. (do some googling, Antani actually suggested that only suburban kids should openly carry long guns in school– I can’t make this up) Zach Dickerson could have the IQ of a third grader and be a better choice in the 42nd district. There are many Republican lawmakers in the Ohio House that would thank you for not sending him back to Columbus.

I’d also recommend not voting for Phil “The Torturer” Plummer in his race for the State House 40th. Anyone who is so incompetent as to let the crap that’s happened in our jail happen, should be banned from public service for life. He’s already cost you tens of millions in lawsuits. Vote Ryan Taylor. Please.

Why I’m voting Yes on Issue 1

There hasn’t been a good constitutional amendment on the ballot in Ohio as long as I’ve been voting. Mostly because it’s hard to do- and when the politicians do it, they screw things up. (See Medical Marijuana and the Casino amendments).

What we really need to do to solve the drug problem is have health care for all, including dental, vision and mental health. That way we wouldn’t be using jails as detox facilities. But, since we’re too stupid to realize that this current system of mostly employer supplied health care is more like indentured servitude to many, and we haven’t overthrown the system, let’s talk about what prison is for and what it’s not for.

Prison is for people who are a threat to society. If you need to read about someone, here’s a prime example from today’s news: Casey Pigge. Mr. Pigge has a low IQ, and apparently zero moral compass. Since he was sent to prison for murder, he’s managed to murder a few other inmates. None of these people should be dead, but, Mr. Pigge seems to have no problem playing judge, jury and executioner. Unfortunately, it’s unconstitutional to kill him, but, we can’t seem to stop him from killing people, even behind bars. This is the kind of person who needs to be behind bars for life.

Now, we could talk about child molesters, rapists, drunks who kill people driving. Yep, all of them too, prison. We can go after people who steal large sums of money from other people, but, putting them in prison usually doesn’t bring the money back. Making them work like dogs to pay people back for the rest of their lives- might be better.

But, when it comes to drug addicts, drug sellers, and the rest, we have a real problem. One, it takes up a lot of resources to arrest them, to charge them, then it costs a lot to jail them, and in the meantime, it doesn’t really change things much. Other people will use drugs, others will sell it- and the problem continues. Yet, the crimes in above- it’s not quite the same except stealing large amounts of money- anyone can do that.

But, we’ve seen the wizards of Wall Street rob our entire country blind- and none of them went to jail. Damn shame. Maybe the prison threshold for theft of cash should require it to cause harm to more than 5 people- and enough that someone can lose a home. I don’t really know. But, what’s that got to do with dope fiends and dealers and issue 1?

The problem with drug laws in Ohio is that they are guaranteed to be applied harsher to minorities. If you’re black with crack, you’re going to the big house. If you’re white with coke, your probably going on probation. This shit has to stop. We need to stop pretending to run some kind of justice system that only seems to penalize people of color.

Need a local example?

A visiting judge sentenced two men, including the son of a former area official, to probation for convictions of conspiracy and illegal cultivation of marijuana on Friday.

Thomas Betz, 39, the son of former Miami Valley Crime Lab director Ken Betz, and Michael Dorley, 41, could have faced more than a decade in prison. Some of their crimes carried an assumption of prison, but that was not mandatory in a case in which law enforcement seized more than 44 pounds of marijuana.

Betz pleaded guilty to first-degree felony conspiracy, illegal cultivation and money laundering. Visiting Judge Thomas Herman, who retired from Clermont County, said a potential prison sentence will hang over Betz if he violates his community control of up to five years, asking, “We’re up to 17 years, Mr. Betz, do you understand that?”

Dorley also received up to five years’ probation and could face 11 years for his second-degree felony conspiracy charge and up to 36 months for the cultivation charge.

“Our job as prosecutors is to make sure that defendants are held accountable for breaking the law,” said Butler County assistant prosecutor Jon Marshall, who was named as a special prosecutor to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest.

Source: Thomas Betz receives probation for marijuana-related conviction

And I rest my case. Ain’t no black man getting probation for 44 lbs of weed- he’s going to jail, directly to jail, he will not pass go…

and for that reason, and that reason alone, it’s time to end the racist laws and vote YES on Issue 1.


Vote No on 6- Metroparks, a 28.5% increase in taxes

5 Rivers Metroparks NO levy bannerWhat the folks at “Five Rivers MetroParks Levy Committee” aren’t telling you is this isn’t a renewal, it’s an increase.

They like to play games and say “Our investment is $1.48 more monthly (per $100,000 property)” which is how us advertising professionals are trained to hoodwink you into buying something you can’t afford.

Let’s be clear, while you may live in a sub-$100,000 home, that factory you work in, is valued at a lot more than $100,000, and increasing taxes on businesses in a county that’s already the highest taxed county in the state is exactly why you are seeing huge investment in Warren County and a loss of population in Montgomery.

Need proof- go look at the giant distribution warehouses in Monroe. And, just remember- those new warehouses at the airport- they don’t pay this tax, nor does UD, Premier Health, Kettering Health, the Feds, Sinclair etc. This is a tax increase of way more percentage wise than the rate of inflation has gone up- or your paycheck. The only thing that’s rising like this is the cost of health care and we don’t get to vote on that.

The other thing is- this is an early levy, their levy doesn’t expire until 2019. The current 10-year levy expires at the end of 2019. Of course, your property tax re-evaluation is in 2020, so your taxes could go up twice.

Now, before you say “That Esrati, he’s just against every tax levy” let’s be clear, I’m not against every tax levy, I’m just against the ones where there is either little or no oversight and control. The Metroparks are yet another example of duplication of services that we pay for because we’re too stupid to consolidate and make things efficient in Montgomery County. Do you know who the board is of the Metroparks? Do you remember voting for any of them? Do you even know how many people are on this board, spending tax dollars on things like defunct golf courses and rocks in the river to create a water park for a couple of thousand yuppies to paddle board and kayak.

This separate entity should be underneath the county commissioners and that’s the end of the story. The next question is if it wouldn’t be more efficient to have every municipality cede their parks and recs department over to the county parks system and actually have one coordinated effort county wide. Imagine real kids programming for parks- available everywhere.

Another issue is how tax levies like this are placed on the ballot in August- giving opposition no time to organize and compete. It’s amazing you have to turn in petitions in February to run for City Commission in November, but a tax levy gets to be thrust on voters at the proverbial last minute.

Looking at their minimal campaign finance reports, it looks like the entire levy is being run for under $43K that they’ve had in the account for ages. However, this is an advantage of being a Political Action Committee- you can hide your donors till the last minute- or even after the election.

I’m guessing they are spending considerably more that $43K on the campaign I’ve been seeing. The thing is, they’ve never been told no by the citizens of the overtaxed Montgomery County.

We’ve got great Metroparks, but, our community can’t be expected to support a 28.5% increase in property taxes in addition to the burden already from 2 Sinclair Levies, 2 Human Services levies, a library levy, and the recent bumps in income taxes in so many of the communities.

Maybe the first place we could start with bumping tax receipts would be to eliminate the loophole for people like Ohio 41 incumbent Jim Butler and his township living co-workers at Austin Landing, who can avoid paying income tax in their upstairs offices while the retail workers all pay a 2% tax. (To be clear, since Butler lives in Oakwood, he can’t avoid their income tax, all 2.5% of it, but, that it’s allowed to discriminate by the color of the collar of your shirt- we have a problem).

Taxing in Montgomery County is a hot mess. We really need to reduce the number of taxes, the number of taxing organizations and all the duplication of services. See Reconstructing Dayton for more information. But in the meantime, vote no on 6 and ask Metroparks to be more reasonable in their tax hike.


23 Oct 2018- Amy from Metroparks came to my neighborhood meeting to add support. Actually told me I had my numbers wrong, the increase is BIGGER than 28.5%.
But, let’s put this into perspective. The Dayton Mall is already struggling to compete with the Greene and the Fairfield Commons Malls- add this tax on top of their bill- and you can almost seal the deal on it’s demise. Here’s the thing, Metroparks is blaming the Ohio house which locks in levies not to collect more than what they get when passed- no matter what your property valuation does. That’s all well and fine- but, the idea of flexing our property values based on arbitrary appraisals is also insane. We need to lock price by actual market value for the purchaser- with no flex built in. This stops gentrification and screwing people for fixing things up. We also have to look at redistricting counties as well as precincts. There is no reason for Beavercreek and Fairborn not to be part of Montgomery County, and have rural parts of Western Montgomery county in a more rural county.