Montgomery County “Democratic” Party endorses homophobe who wins judgeship

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Last November, there was a race for Montgomery County Judge of Municipal Court (FTC 1/2/2020) that was very close in a race that shouldn’t have happened. At least if anyone didn’t have amnesia and judges races weren’t so hands off.

Tamela Womack squared off against James D. Piergies and lost by 477 votes in a very low voter turnout election. Piergies had 7,268 or 51.70% and the newcomer Womack had 6,791 for 48.30% of the votes.

thumbnail of bar association 2Judges party affiliation doesn’t appear on the ballot, and the Montgomery County Dem party and their union stooges backed Piergies. This must make folks wonder who knew Piergies history, where he tried to enter the race against Mary Wiseman back in 2008 and was told by everyone including the Bar Association to STFU and go away after saying “Wiseman should remove herself from cases involving gay rights, including those challenging Dayton’s new anti-discrimination law or the Ohio constitutional amendment banning gay marriage” DDN Jan 20, 2008, “Attorney calls for bar associations to take stand against remarks” The attorney who was raising hell about it on Wiseman’s behalf was Steve Dankof, now Judge Dankof, who Piergies claimed was violating the lawyers secret code- that you don’t raise ethics issues about another attorney in a public forum.

Wiseman’s response to Piergies was questioning if Thurgood Marshall should have recused himself from civil rights cases, to which Judge Dipshit responded “perhaps Marshall should have recused himself from such cases.” in an undated article “Challenger questions gay judges ethics” by Lynn Hulsey about the same time. After Piergies dropped out of the primary, Mary McCarty actually wrote something worth reading- extrapolating Piergies fine sense of judicial ethics that maybe divorced judges should rule on divorces, judges with kids shouldn’t rule in juvenile court cases and best of all, white heterosexuals should have to recuse themselves from cases of heterosexuals doing crimes (Arguing for the sake of Arguing, Mary McCarty Jan 24, 2008.)

This was in Wiseman’s first run, the one where it’s OK to challenge a judge according to the secret code of Montgomery county elections for judges. This is the deal that gives us judges for life once they get elected for the most part. Dick Skelton broke that rule when he ran against Judge McGee-Cromartie and won.

Wiseman had been appointed to fill retiring Judge John Kessler’s seat by then Governor Ted Strickland. She was claimed to be Ohio’s first openly gay judge. Piergies had applied but was passed over- and MCDP chair Mark Owens then said he strongly discouraged Piergies from running agains Wiseman. The following quote from the same article is priceless “It’s divisive for him, it’s divisive for the community and divisive for the party.” Piergies said “In terms of waiting your turn, I have”- as if he was somehow entitled to an automatic judgeship- the same way Darryl Fairchild thought if he waited his turn, the Party would serve him a seat on the Dayton City Commission. Because, that’s how the culture of corruption works in Dayton.
It’s almost entertaining to follow what happens next once Piergies actually gets in office, although since we don’t have a newspaper with real reporters anymore, you have to count on me to fill you in. But, let’s go back a bit to when AJ Wagner did his very ungraceful leaving of his judgeship so the very same Steve Dankof could get “his turn” in office. Dankof wants to put his own people into courthouse jobs, and Wagner wants to protect his patronage folks. AJ tries to un-resign, and there’s a big brew-ha-ha where eventually the backroom deals are done and every political symbiote gets taken care of. See this article from 2011 How the Monarchy of Montgomery County Works: The AJ Wagner Affair.
Piergies, gets into office and starts to remake it the way he wants. Part of which means finding a new job for his son, who he had Judge Hensley hire for him. He fires one of his magistrates, so he can hire his former law partner Jeff Slyman. There is some other hocus-pocus going on, but you’ll just have to wait for the lawsuits which will be coming. Apparently, one of the courts long-time employees was openly gay and Piergies the homophobe couldn’t have that and fired them.

How the Montgomery County Dem party, run by the very same Mark Owens, can stand by while this happens is bizarre. Of course, since they are all so busy with who’s turn it is that they forget actual ideals of the party is the critical issue that’s not talked about. Apparently, Piergies power in the party comes from longtime relationship with retired labor leader Wes Wells.

Piergies also wanted to arm his bailiffs with handguns. After a disastrous round of paintball practice, the attorney general’s office came to the court and said this was a bad idea.  All the guns are in a safe in one of the courts now according to a source.

Most folks have no idea of who will make a good judge when they go to vote. Most voters can’t read a legal decision or a brief and even recognize the language. Basing your vote on the voters guide for this race, one seems to actually have a grasp on the biggest issue- the lack of web access to files. Of course, if we only had one county wide court system like Franklin County, this wouldn’t be an issue. The people who do know the most about judges are the ones who’ve had to stand trial in front of them and most of them still may not know exactly what’s going on.

Here’s a hint- if you do get a case in front of Piergies, claim you are gay, and that you don’t trust him to rule on your case. If you are black, suggest that since he’s not black, he can’t fairly rule on your case. And if you are a precinct captain in the Montgomery County Democratic Party kick yourself in the ass for letting the party endorse this piece of shit 2-bit punk of a lawyer to the bench. We deserve better.

There’s something stinky going on in the Montgomery County Municipal Court, and you read it here first. Sorry.


but, wait there’s more. 20 Jan 2020.
Turns out the gay baiting judge had a sweet relationship where he rented to one of his employees, who lived with his son. Piergies first hired his sons roommate, Ben Gainor, to work for him as a full-time service bailiff in New Lebanon. When Piergies hired Ben, Ben was Piergies renter. He lived in a house that Piergies owns. His son Rob Piergies lived there too. Nice deal, sort of like a kickback.

Rob Piergies had been fired from the Greene County Clerks office for poor attendance. James Piergies had Judge Hensley hire his son.

Then the roomies had a cat fight- over a girl. Gainor moved out- and then was fired by Judge Piergies.

But, it gets even better. Soon after the election, a staff member found evidence of some restitution payments made to a probation officer in Huber Heights. The payments were made with money orders, with a blank “pay to the order line” and what started as one payment missing- turned into  thousands of dollars of undistributed restitution payments going back more than a year. The staff member reported it to the magistrate- that Piergies then fired. The probation officer is scrambling to cover up his felony thefts, while Piergies whistles dixie.

One other fun fact- when Piergies found out that Womack had dared to challenge him, he reached out to her boss- and threatened that if she didn’t fire Womak he would see to it that she had a challenger in her next election.

Piergies will age out of the courts at the end of this term. The real question is can we really afford to let this good ole boy keep up with his coverups and patronage abuses?

I’ll be turning this info over to the Office of Disciplinary Council of the Ohio Supreme Court tomorrow.


It’s sad when Iran has more integrity than the United States


Boeing doing down

Boeing 737 published March 13, 2019 by Bob Englehart

America needs to come to grips with its moral compass problem. Especially before the 2020 election. It’s sad when the myth of us being the “greatest nation on earth” gets one upped by Iran. But, lets face it, we have people dying because of a lack of national health care like EVERY OTHER INDUSTRIALIZED NATION, and we seem to believe in this concept of exceptionalism, where CEOs and sports stars have been deified, and teachers and the working class have been scorned and insulted. Insulted with ridiculous student debt, hidden taxes, and allowed to have their homes taken by the wizards of Wall Street practically at will, while the poor bailed out the rich.

In this morning’s NY Times, we find out that Iran shot down a Ukrainian Boeing 737 from their President after a day of denial, his response was refreshing:

“The Islamic Republic of Iran deeply regrets this disastrous mistake,” President Hassan Rouhani said on Twitter soon after the military released its statement. He offered condolences to the victims’ families and said investigations were underway. The military said the person responsible would face legal consequences.

Source: Iran Says It Unintentionally Shot Down Ukrainian Airliner – The New York Times

And in the very same edition, we find that the CEO of Boeing, led that company to near ruin, covering up what could only be described as a culture of corruption, which led to the crashes of 2 Boeing 737 Max aircraft (not the type of 737 in the Iranian disaster) which killed 348 helpless people:

Yet the steady drip of bad news and embarrassing revelations — culminating in Thursday’s release of 117 pages of damning internal communications — has revealed something more disturbing than one poorly designed plane. The very culture at Boeing appears to be broken, with some senior employees having little regard for regulators, customers and even co-workers….

The internal communications, which were provided to congressional investigators and cover a five-year period before the crashes in late 2018 and early 2019, show Boeing employees cavalierly dismissing the Federal Aviation Administration, which certified the Max as safe to fly. Ahead of a 2016 meeting to discuss training requirements for the plane, a Boeing employee described regulators as “dogs watching TV.” Another time, a Boeing employee wrote: “There is no confidence that the F.A.A. is understanding what they are accepting (or rejecting).”…

At times, Boeing employees expressed reservations about the safety of their planes.

“Would you put your family on a Max simulator trained aircraft? I wouldn’t,” one said to a colleague in 2018, before the first crash.

Source: ‘I Honestly Don’t Trust Many People at Boeing’: A Broken Culture Exposed – The New York Times

Yet, the disgraced CEO of Boeing, the leader of a company said to contribute .5% of our GDP, and which a whole network of suppliers are tied to, is leaving with a $60M severance package.

Dennis A. Muilenburg, who was ousted as Boeing’s chief executive last month as the company contended with the biggest crisis in its history, will depart with more than $60 million, the company said Friday.

Source: Fired Boeing C.E.O. Muilenburg Will Get More Than $60 Million – The New York Times

To be clear, this CEO-God, is getting paid $62.2 Million after destroying the reputation of one of the proudest companies in America, causing their newest plane to have a reputation as a flying deathtrap, having already  had two deadly crashes that left 346 people dead. The ripples through the US economy of the planes grounding and cuts in production are stupefying

Yet Boeing’s problems are hardly over. The messages are likely to further undermine public confidence in the company and the Max. Today, according to Boeing’s own research, 40 percent of travelers are unwilling to fly on the plane. There is no timetable for the return of the Max, costs are mounting, and shares in the company have fallen 22 percent since the second crash, including a 2 percent drop on Friday.

After last month’s announcement that Boeing would temporarily shut down production of the Max, suppliers are hurting, too. On Friday, Spirit AeroSystems, which makes the fuselage for the plane, said it would lay off around 2,800 employees.

Source: ‘I Honestly Don’t Trust Many People at Boeing’: A Broken Culture Exposed – The New York Times

Now, here’s the thing. We had a deranged person buy an assault rifle and kill 9 people in Dayton, We’re busy prosecuting his friend who helped him buy the weapon. We’ve rallied and screamed “DO SOMETHING” about this horrific act which killed 9 people.

Our President, killed an Iranian General with a multi-million dollar munitions package, potentially starting WWIII, on the basis of the General was planning an “imminent attack” on us, without having to fully explain any of it.

Yet, Dennis A. Muilenburg, helped not only kill 348 people, and destroyed the reputation of a company that has been around since before he was born, and yet, he’s walking away with $62.2M instead of spending the rest of his life in prison.

Americans have become conditioned to not question the actions of these new CEO feudal overlords who have been given carte blanche to rob us blind in the name of unfettered and uncontrolled capitalism- which is sadly state supported. Boeing would have never have grown to its size or statute without the support of our military. It was WWII that allowed them to build fleets of Flying Fortresses. And had they had the problems of the 737 Max, and killed our brave young warriors at the rate the Max has killed innocent people from third world countries, you can bet Mr. Muilenburg would have been in a lot more trouble than he is now.

Instead of asking your next politician what his views are on abortion, maybe you should be asking what they plan to do about our CEO problem? The ones who get away with murder, or steal your home, or outsource your job. About those who fail to be held accountable for their actions, even if it amounts to being a mass murderer.

Think about it. Charles Manson spent a lifetime in prison:

In 1971, he was convicted of first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder for the deaths of seven people.

Source: Charles Manson – Wikipedia

Why does Dennis A. Muilenburg get a get out of jail free card?

America deserves better. Just remember, Iran said the person responsible for shooting down the plane would face legal consequences, and Donald Trump will probably get a campaign donation from Dennis A. Muilenburg or his proxy: THE BOEING COMPANY POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE which spent $2,930,797.54 just last year on politicians.

America, we have a problem.



The return of the Grassroots Dayton show?

A lot has changed since Greg Hunter left Dayton for Wyoming, including his switch from the Republican party to the Dem party. Today we sat and rambled for too long about the impeachment of Donald J. Trump, how all this will or won’t work, and what we’re looking at if Trump gets reelected.
Yes, it’s on Youtube- but you can just listen like a podcast.

The wacky world of Dayton politics

thumbnail of 2020 candidates Petition 12.17.19

Click image to download PDF

Looking at the petition turn in on the Board of Elections site and so far, there are some surprises:

Dayton 1-term school board member, John McManus has switched parties to the Republican side to run against minor-league party boss Russ Joseph for County Treasurer. Joseph, who lost to Republican Mike Foley after being appointed to county clerk of courts, then got appointed Treasurer by the party. Don’t worry, if Russ loses, he’ll be appointed to replace Mark Owens as the Dayton Clerk of Courts when Mark retires. This is how the Monarchy keeps things going.

Poor Fred Burkhart who is trying to run as well as an R for Treasurer didn’t get the message.

The Republican’s under Phil Plummer are as disorganized as always, running multiple primaries while failing to challenge the big democratic dog, Prosecutor Mat Heck yet again. Of course, the Dems can’t find a candidate for Sheriff no matter how bad the jail is failing, so it’s sort of a wash- both jobs control a lot of patronage jobs, which is how party power is usually measured.

Of course, the R’s haven’t figured out diversity either. Norman Scearce (full disclosure, I just designed and printed his hot cards) who is on the Trotwood School board is challenging Judy Dodge for County Commission, is going to have to primary the geriatric wing of the party as they roll out Arlene Setzer. So far neither Judy Dodge or Debbie Lieberman have taken out petitions or turned them in, but Debbie has at least 2 challengers including one from her own party.

Niraj Antani is going to have a primary for State Senate, but that’s not on the turn-in sheet yet. And remember, even if you turn in your petitions, the “Board of (S)Elections” can still find things wrong.

Expect to see a bunch of people turn in for OH-39 to replace Fred Strayhorn – all dems. And, there may be more than a few D’s ready to take on Mike Turner for OH-10 congressional.

The normal secret code of not challenging judges is in full force, but for the two empty seats, there will be a free-for-all. Of course, since Judges can’t say much about what they’d do, these races are mostly about credentials and name recognition.

More soon- including an analysis of campaign finance from the last election. See how much the best politicians money can buy actually cost, Nov 2019 edition.



Do not go to jail, it’s dangerous

Reports are slowly coming in about an incident that happened 2 weeks ago in the Montgomery County Jail. An inmate, was beat for almost 15 minutes in his cell, by 8 other inmates while being held in a “rollover cell.” Two or three other inmates in the 12 person cell didn’t participate, but also didn’t hit the panic button for fear of them being next.

The inmate was taken to the hospital where he has been in ICU for the last two weeks. The prognosis is not good, with him suffering a brain bleed, facial fractures and other injuries.

This was before another genius guard lost a pepper spray, only to end up in the hands of an inmate who gassed 8 other inmates in a reported story. What was left out was that when the cell was cleared, multiple homemade weapons were found including multiple shanks (sharpened objects that can be used like knives).

This will cost the taxpayers another million or so in a settlement, while we continue to let the jail be run by the same people who’ve already cost us over $10M in settlements.

I seem to recall a candidate who ran for Dayton City Commission who’s number one priority was a safe jail. Too bad for Lance Jones, because that guy didn’t get elected.

Just remember, you can be in jail before you are found guilty of anything. Are you willing to continue to take the chance that you, your loved ones, or friends, are next?

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