Department of Injustice? WSU vs Clayton Luckie

In news, you have hardball, softball and now, apparently we have wiffle ball reporting. In today’s article about the WSU shenanigans. No where in the article are any actual people named as guilty in this obvious scheme to break the law in terms of federal contracting and employment law. The Department of Justice didn’t have a press conference, didn’t announce the names, photos didn’t appear on the front page of the paper.

Clayton Luckie took a fall for chump change. Wright State- no one goes to jail

Clayton Luckie’s fall from grace is well documented. No faces to the WSU fiasco.

Let’s compare and contrast their treatment of one disgraced former politician, Clayton Luckie. Clayton set up a shell company, ordered a couple of hundred dollars worth of vehicle magnetic signs and participated on government contracts as a minority owned firm and slapped his signs on someone else’s equipment who did the work.

The company that did the work was never named, although we can guess it was connected to Steve Rauch or one of his former employees, and all the government could prove was that Clayton got a couple of thousand dollars in kickbacks. For that, he’s going to prison for a few months, has had his photo smeared across the local news, and will be on post release control for about 3 years.

In this article, no names, no photos, and no jail time, for a scheme that was worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Apparently, because “Corporations are people too” as “Citizens United” created a way for corporations to influence elections, we now have corporate ghosts capable of committing crimes without fear of prosecution.

For the record, Web Yoga is owned and run by Vijay Vallabhaneni. Oddly, he doesn’t seem to have much of an online presence, except someone with the same name is claiming to now run a company calledErudex LLC, one of those strange companies that doesn’t list a contact address, anywhere on the site.

A federal judge imposed a more than $500,000 fine Thursday against a Dayton-area staffing company, ending a nearly decade long saga that prompted Wright State University to admit to abusing foreign work visa applications.

Web Yoga Inc. was sentenced to pay a $566,000 fine in U.S. District Court by Judge Thomas Rose. The amount was determined before the sentence by prosecutors and the defense but needed the judges’ approval before becoming official…

Web Yoga’s legal troubles started during the summer of 2010, when an official with Wright State approached Web Yoga and proposed an arrangement whereby the university would source H-1B visa holders from overseas and subcontract them to Web Yoga for placement at client locations around the country, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

Between 2010 and 2013, WSU entered into sponsored research contracts with Web Yoga. Wright State employed software engineers, obtained H-1B visas for the employees, and paid their respective salary and benefits as employees of the university, according to the DO J.

The H-1B visa program allows companies in the United States to temporarily employ foreign workers in occupations that require highly specialized knowledge and a bachelor’s or higher degree in a specific specialty.

Wright State was sometimes “exempt” from a cap limiting the number of H-1B visas it could obtain, unlike other types of organizations.

Wright State employed 24 foreign employees who were selected and approved by Web Yoga through H-1B visas, according to the DO J. Web Yoga learned in 2012 that portions of the H-1B visa paperwork filed by Wright State with the federal government did not accurately reflect the work locations for the visa holders subcontracted to the company.

Web Yoga learned the university falsely stated the employees would be physically working on the university’s campus. The visa employees worked as consultants on behalf of Web Yoga in various cities throughout the country, including Atlanta, Orlando and New York City, according to the DO J.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office agreed not to pursue civil or criminal prosecution of Wright State since the university agreed to pay $1 million in three installments over two years. WSU also agreed to cooperate in any additional investigations stemming from the federal probe…

Source: Company sentenced in WSU visa fraud case – Dayton Daily News

Sources have told me that “an official with Wright State ” was former WSU Provost Sundaram Narayanan. They’ve also said that Web Yoga got the easy treatment by fully cooperating and handing over all their information. The same can’t be said of the folks at Wright State, which brings to question when the DOJ will actually go after the “engineer” of this scheme. So far, all that’s happened is that you and me, the taxpayers, have paid a million dollar fine from WSU to you and me, the Federal Government, which is a joke of a punishment, since neither “institution” has actually done anything meaningful to make this right.  UES was also implicated in the H1B visa scandal, and it’s CEO, Nina Joshi was on the board of trustees at Wright State- no mug shot, no arrest, no indictment, no fine…

Clayton Luckie wasn’t so lucky. He’s going to the big house.

Makes you wonder what “justice” looks like in this country, because if you are Vijay Vallabhaneni, paying $566K and not being named, indicted, or doing jail time sure beats what happened to Clayton Luckie. And for the record, this isn’t the first time I’ve questioned this questionable justice:

Universities are people too? WSU gets a fine and a gag order on H1B visa scandal

It’s time for justice to actually balance the scales or there is no justice.

Racism: By the DOJ, the FBI and the State

Let’s compare.

The state of Ohio is revoking two disadvantaged business certifications of a Trotwood trucking company owned by Joyce Sutton Cameron, one of three people indicted on federal charges related to defrauding the city of Dayton’s program for minority and disadvantaged businesses.

The Ohio Department of Administrative Services opened a review of Green Star Trucking on Oct. 30 after federal officials announced the indictment of Sutton Cameron, 71, of Trotwood, her husband and Green Star employee James Cameron, 80, both of Trotwood, and businessman Steve Rauch, 64, of Germantown.

Green Star has been certified as an MBE and EDGE company since 2005, and is also certified by the city of Dayton in the Women Business Enterprise, Dayton Local Small Business Enterprise, and U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Section 3 programs. Those certifications give Green Star preference over non-disadvantaged companies on local, state and federally funded projects and helped contractors like Rauch win government contracts that required minority and disadvantaged business participation.

A Dayton Daily News investigation published Sunday found that Rauch used Green Star to meet minority contracting goals for nearly $4.4 million in city of Dayton demolition contracts between 2008 and 2013.

The investigation also found that Green Star won work as a subcontractor on at least 34 public contracts since 2008.

Source: Company’s minority status hits wall – Dayton Daily News

Yet, the Wright State Board of Trustees, David Hopkins and crew burned through $130M and was caught in an H1B visa scandal, and not a single person was charged with a crime.

Difference? The Cameron’s are black. All the people at Wright State are white, with the exception of Nina Joshi and Vishal Soin who are Indian and Michael Bridges who claims to be some kind of minority so his business can be an 8a firm just like Joshi’s and Soins. In the pecking order of “minority businesses” 8a is the write yourself a ticket designation, ranked higher than HUBzone or even Service Disabled Veteran Owned businesses.

But wait, there’s more.

Today the story about the guy who bought the parts of a gun and bullet proof vest for the loser that shot up the Oregon District.

Ethan Kollie pleaded guilty to being an unlawful user of firearms, with a history of using marijuana and psychedelic mushrooms, and lying about his drug use in completing a government form to buy a semi-automatic Romanian-made pistol in May 2019.

A Kettering Fairmont graduate and former Sinclair Community College student, Kollie is the only person to have been charged as a result of the investigation into the Aug. 4 mass killing along East Fifth Street, a shooting spree that left 10 people dead in less than a minute…

Source: Shooter’s friend pleads guilty to 2 gun charges – Dayton Daily News

Ethan Kollie is black. He has spent 15 weeks locked up while waiting to plea.

In the meantime,

Delano Wells, 50, of Trenton has been charged with making false statements on a federal firearms form, according to the U.S. Attorney Southern District of Ohio’s Office.

Source: Butler County man charged with purchasing gun that killed Del Rio

No mention of Wells being held in lockup. His photo isn’t all over the news, but, if you do a search, guess what, he’s White.

Now, let’s go back to minority contracting contracts and preference on contracts.

The author of this site, David Esrati, owns an ad agency in Dayton that is certified by the VA as a “Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business” and also qualifies as a “HUBZone Business” by the SBA. The certifications and letters are posted on his companies website:

When bidding on the Dayton Public Schools marketing contract, that supposedly had a $300K cap, his firm bid under the limit, promised 3.5 man years of work in the bid. The firm had submitted the appropriate certifications to the Dayton Minority business assistance center (the same one that is at the center of the RoShawn Winburn pay to play scandal) and included his qualifications in the bid to DPS.

The agency that “won” the contract bid $345K for 1.5 man years and only claimed they would use a minority subcontractor in their “winning bid.” I requested the bid evaluation sheets- where my firm was libeled and qualifications of my firm were questioned. You can read all of them here:

Of course, no investigation. It’s funny how the winner of the DPS bid, The Ohlmann Group, also does work for Sinclair, Wright State, CareSource, The PreSchool Promise, the Area Agency on Aging, Montgomery County Business Solutions Center, did the horrid logo for the City of Dayton, the list goes on.

Is there an investigation on how one firm seems to have the market cornered on major political donors and governmental bodies? Nope.

There is a different standard in Dayton for those in power and the rest of us. Some can keep filling their pockets with tax dollars and steering contracts to their friends and families, and the rest of us, can keep paying for it.

Who is going to investigate the DOJ and the FBI and the State AG who only seem to be able to indict black people?



Montgomery County: Still racist as ever

This isn’t the first time I’ve questioned mug shots.

When a certain son of Oakwood was indicted for rape in California, the photo the news published wasn’t his mugshot. It was a long time before we actually saw the mug shot.

When a friend was arrested at work, for beating the shit out of an intruder in his home, the day after, there was an old mug shot up immediately, and a new one not much later. He was released on bond, only to come to court the next day to find charges were dropped.

Yet, when you shoot and kill two black teens in the back, and finally get locked up, the mugshot isn’t up.

Can someone explain please?

Record for Victor Santana. 848 Conner St., Dayton Ohio.

Jail record for victor santana

Mugshot missing? really?

Santana is in the Montgomery County Jail following his arrest on a warrant. Santana faces four counts of murder, five counts of felonious assault and one count of attempt to commit murder.

Devin Henderson and Javier Harrison were shot in the back and died. Both were 17 and African American.

All this while the Republicans in the Ohio Statehouse are trying to pass “Stand your grounds” rules to further allow this kind of old West justice- by removing the standard duty to retreat before using lethal force.

Supposedly, it took our “Prosecutor” Mat Heck extra time to evaluate this case, because of Ohio’s “Castle Doctrine”- which is meant to protect a person within their home from intruders without justification. However, a garage is not a home, and it is only supposed to be used if you felt threatened. Henderson and Harrison were unarmed and in a garage.

My friend, however, was in his home. The person was trying to get into his home to assault my friends baby momma. And, yet, he was arrested less than 12 hours later.

Mr. Heck has some explaining to do. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lawyer in this city with balls enough to run against this fraud of a prosecutor so we keep getting stuck with Heck or high water.

DPS Athletic Director welshes on kids: kills wrestling at Belmont and girls track at Meadowdale

Without Board approval, DPS Athletic Director Shawna Welch sent out a directive that no coach can coach more than one sport, unless it’s track and cross country (as if those are somehow the same.) This means coaches who have coached more than one sport have to decide which sport to stick with. It also means, that some jobs are going unfilled.

At Meadowdale, Chad Miller coaches both girls basketball and girls track. The track squad were State Champs. Now, Miller is only coaching basketball. At Belmont, Earl White who used to be building AD as well as coaching both Football and Wrestling, now had to decide which sport to stick with. There were no other applications for the job as wrestling coach, therefore, the district just canceled the season. The Union would do nothing to support him in his appeal to keep both, Now, Belmont will no longer have wrestling as a sport- despite a huge uptick in interest thanks to the infusion of Eastern European immigrants.

The board business meeting is tonight at 5:30 at the corner of 4th and Ludlow. People may speak at the business meeting to voice their displeasure at this latest idiocy at the hands of the incompetent leadership at Dayton Public Schools.

If you ever hear anyone at DPS say “It’s all about the kids” – punch them in the mouth.

Sage advice from a former State School Board member, A.J. Wagner

Most of this post is lifted with permission from a Facebook post by former State School Board Member and former Judge, A.J. Wagner.

This is as the State just boosted the State School Superintendents pay to over $200,000. More than the governor by over $50K

Ohio schools superintendent remains among the highest paid public servants after getting a raise, bringing his annual earnings to $210,000.

The State Board of Education gave schools Superintendent Paolo DeMaria a raise Thursday, bringing his annual salary to $210,000.

While DeMaria remains among the highest paid state employees, his new paycheck is about average among state school chiefs and middle of the pack compared to leaders of local school districts in central Ohio.

At its monthly meeting in Columbus, the board voted 11-5 to award DeMaria the pay boost. He has led the Department of Education since 2016. This year he was paid $189,571, plus a $20,000 bonus members approved Thursday.

Source: Ohio schools chief gets pay raise to $210,000 – News – The Columbus Dispatch – Columbus, OH

District test results were released yesterday, and as usual, Dayton Public Schools are still among the worst in the State, despite paying Dr. Lolli over $200K a year, while she’s already retired and collecting a pension. The amount of money she’s spending on defending lawsuits is epic. The school funding formula still hasn’t been fixed. Here’s what AJ had to say:

When I left the Ohio Board of Education three years ago to be with my grandchildren in Pennsylvania, I stated a number of recommendations for education. It has been three years now. Time to repeat them lest they become lost and forgotten.

For those not wanting to read on, I summarize with this: Reduce childhood poverty and education will vastly improve.

The overall outline of what I recommend is taken from a December 2015 study by the Southern Education Foundation authored by Leigh Dingerson, a consultant with the Annenberg Institute for School Reform at Brown University.

1. Access to high quality early childhood and Pre-K education including programs that assist parents of infant children ages zero to three. Although Ohio is contributing more to pre-school for four year olds, the problems of education begin before birth. A child raised in poverty will be far behind her counterparts in middle and upper socio-economic classes by the time she is three years old. Lack of exposure to positive reinforcement, vocabulary, intellectual stimulus, medical care, and sleep, combined with over exposure to stress, violence, negativity, poor nutrition, and poor health beginning in utero requires the earliest of interventions with parent and child. Programs are available from around the country that demonstrate the positive effects of early childhood intervention. James Heckman, Ph.D., a Nobel Prize winning economist from the University of Chicago, has established that for every dollar spent on such programs, we can save seven dollars in future expenditures on health care, remedial education, criminal justice, and public assistance.

2. Inclusive school leadership committed to creating strategic plans that include authentic
input from teachers, parents, community partners, non-instructional school staff, youth, and other stakeholders. Most importantly, leadership must include the development of caring relationships with and among each of these groups.

3. Quality teaching including professional development focused on the needs of struggling students. Teacher development, especially in areas of high poverty, should include training on how to deal with the stresses experienced by their pupils.

4. Positive discipline practices such as restorative justice, social and emotional learning supports, and a student-centered learning environment. Funding that allows a return of counselors in sufficient numbers to deal with improper behaviors with the goal of eliminating suspensions.

5. A strong curriculum that is rich, culturally relevant, and developmentally appropriate for each child. More and more our schools are being divided along racial and ethnic lines. This makes it imperative to have culturally appropriate materials, and where possible, teachers that look like their students. College preparatory standards are great and useful for a child with the desire and ability to attend college, but standards must be flexible for those without the talent or money needed for college success. I repeat, more than 40% of jobs in the Dayton area do not require any college. Students who are capable of performing these jobs should not be denied a diploma because they are not college ready.

6. Wrap-around supports such as health care, nutrition services, mentoring, and social and emotional services that support students and their families.

7. Investment, not divestment. School funding must come into constitutional compliance. We must stop raiding the public school share of state and local funding to finance non-transparent, private entities that fail to follow full academic and operational standards without full accountability to the public. Change in governance has never resulted in significant educational improvement. Witness Detroit, Philadelphia, and Chicago, all taken over by the state with disastrous consequences.

I also add this cautionary note from “The Death and Life of the Great American School System: How Testing and Choice Are Undermining Education,” by Diane Ravitch. Copyright 2016. Available from Basic Books, an imprint of Perseus Books, a division of PBG Publishing, LLC, a subsidiary of Hachette Book Group, Inc.:

“Poverty matters. An exceptional school here or there may break the pattern for a tiny number of students—usually with the benefit of extra private funding and extended time—but the pattern will persist so long as social conditions remain unchanged, so long as there are districts and schools with intense concentrations of students who are both ra­cially segregated and impoverished. We must set national goals to re­duce poverty and increase racial integration.

“Schools, too, must certainly improve. The status quo today is in­tolerable. After many years in which the nation has placed its highest priority on test-based accountability, we have little to show for it other than small increments in test scores, billions squandered on testing and test preparation, and vast numbers of teachers and administrators demoralized by utopian goals and harsh sanctions.

“No other high-performing nation in the world tests every child in grades three through eight every year. We should not either.

“No other high-performing nation in the world evaluates teachers by the test scores of its students. We should not either.

“No other high-performing nation in the world welcomes non-professionals to assume the roles of teachers, principals, or superinten­dents. We should not either.

“No other high-performing nation in the world has abandoned its public school system and turned public dollars over to private entre­preneurs, amateurs, and religious organizations. We should not either.

“Never before in our own history have we allowed for-profit corpora­tions to operate schools with public dollars. This must stop.

“Never before in our history have investors and entrepreneurs targeted the public schools as profit centers. This must stop.

“Never before in our history have public schools been forced to make standardized testing their main mission and purpose. This must stop.

“The status quo today is promulgated and funded by the US Department of Education, major foundations, hedge-fund managers, and ideologues at right-wing think tanks. It consists of high-stakes testing, rewards and punishments, and privatization. We must reject the status quo. We must dramatically improve our public schools to meet the needs of all children. We must preserve public education for future generations of children.”

If you wonder how we have 608 school districts in 88 Counties, not counting the County ESC’s – where retired superintendents go to collect fat paychecks on top of their retirements, a good person to ask is this overpaid clown, Paolo DeMaria and the folks who think he’s doing anything.

In the meantime, AJ had some pretty solid ideas, the most important is to stop thinking amateurs like the Reverend William Harris or Mohamed Al-Hamdani have any clue about how to run an education organization.

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