Whaley’s full time baloney suckers committee into a pay raise

We have too many politicians in Montgomery County to start with. That’s why I’ve started Reconstructing Dayton to move toward sensible, accountable and transparent government. While our population has been stagnant for decades, we’ve allowed one new “city” after another appear- and add even more positions for political noobs.

Clayton (13,000) and Riverside (25,000) are the two latest townships turned into “cities”- while Miami Township (50,000) has grown by leaps and bounds- and is still governed by a form of government meant for sparsely populated rural areas.

So, when you consider that entire counties like Frankilin in Columbus or Indianapolis can be run by a single government, you have to wonder why do we feel the need to have a Mayor and a City Manager for the podunk patches known as Moraine (6,500) or Brookville (5,800). Throw in all the school boards, and different courts- and what we have is a ton of overhead.

Mayor Nan Whaley (Dayton, population 140,782) loves overhead. It’s how she creates jobs for her friends and family. Not only is she an overpaid figurehead mayor who doesn’t know her place getting paid $56,500 a year, she has a full time aide making almost as much. For what? By charter, we’re a city manager form of government. No one ever told Nan this. She thinks it’s her job to run things.

I bet you can name the CEO of Apple (Tim Cook) and of Tesla (Elon Musk) and probably a few other big firms. I bet none of you can name the members of the board of directors. That’s because they aren’t supposed to run the company. That’s how the City Manager form of government is supposed to be set up- the City Manager is the professional who is hired and well paid to run our city. Mark Schwieterman is an excellent example of a City Manager- working with a much larger commission- and delivering solid, measurable results in Kettering (population 55,405).

Shelly Dickstein is constantly dancing around her highness Nan’s proclamations about what she is doing as Mayor- when in fact, that’s not her role. The city commission is supposed to set clear goals and objectives for the City Manager- and measure her performance. They are supposed to oversee her purchasing decisions- and her recommendations for operations of the city. That they meet weekly in a Commission meeting is already probably twice the times that should be needed- and that they also meet for illegal “work sessions” is a travesty.

Especially when you consider the median income of a family of 4 in Dayton under Nan and her clown crew- is only $32,540.

The first measurement of your value to the citizens of DaIyton should be that they aren’t in poverty. Under Nan’s rule- she makes almost 3x the per-capita income of $19,873 (ibid) for a job that’s specified to only take a few hours a week.

It’s not time to give the Mayor and the Commission a raise- it’s time to tie their paychecks to per-capita income, and give them a real incentive to take Dayton out of poverty- some of which is caused by having to support these idiots and their ridiculous ideas of self worth. Why does the director of the 12 person Downtown Dayton Partnership make over $200,000 when Dickstein has a responsibility for 100x the staff and budget?
Why does the Superintendent of a failing school district, the worst in the State- get a raise to over $200,000 with a declining enrollment and failing all grades? Because the school board president (Mohamed Al-Hamdani) is the same idiot who is pushing for a switch to a full-time mayor.

Because voters are stupid enough to think that these positions and lines on a map can’t be changed and are somehow written in stone. If they vote to approve any of these ideas- they are setting the stage for even more incompetence and corruption.

The committee has recommended a new way to calculate the mayor’s and city commissioners’ compensation, which if approved by voters would result in pay increases….

“The role of mayor deserves someone who can put the time into it that it requires in our current moment,” Whaley said during her annual address. “It also cannot be left only to people who are independently wealthy, are in retirement or, like me, choose not to have children.”

Dayton’s charter review committee has decided to recommend a handful of proposed charter amendments.

The amendments are expected to head to the city commission for consideration to be placed on the ballot. The changes have to be approved by voters.

The committee discussed proposed charter language that would declare the mayor’s position as full time. But members ultimately voted 5-2 in favor of making other changes to the language about the mayor’s responsibilities….

Stanley Earley, a member of the committee,..said the best chance to get the best elected officials is to “maximize” the pool of potential candidates.

He said political hopefuls should not have to risk giving up their careers to become the mayor.

Williamson said some people work two full-time jobs and thinks it’s plausible that Dayton residents can fulfill the mayor’s responsibilities without having to give up their other occupations.

The committee also recommended a charter amendment to change the method for determining the compensation of the mayor and city commissioners.

Under the proposal, city leaders’ pay would be tied to the salaries of the Montgomery County board of commissioners.

The mayor would earn 75% of the highest county commissioner salary, and city commissioners would earn half the highest salary.

Right now, the mayor’s and commissioners’ pay is determined by a compensation board appointed by the city commission.

The mayor earns about $56,500 annually and the commissioners about $47,800, city staff said. The county commissioners will earn about $107,690 this year.

Mohamed Al-Hamdani was one of the two committee members to vote in favor of charter language to make the mayor full time.

He said he thinks the city needs and deserves a fulltime mayor, given the considerable and growing responsibilities of the office. He said he is worried one day the city could have a mayor who doesn’t take the role seriously and puts minimal or insufficient effort into their work.

“For the record, I think it’s a mistake to do that,” he said, referring to the committee’s decision to approve alternative language. “I think we’re letting the past dictate our future here.”

Al-Hamdani also said he doesn’t see the point in increasing the mayor’s pay if office-holders won’t be asked to do more work.

Whaley said she wished the charter committee would have included language stating the role is full time, because she thinks citizens will not tolerate anything less.

But, Whaley said, she’s pleased with new language that will better spell out the mayor’s responsibilities, and the compensation changes are good news.

“This is part of government — you don’t get everything you exactly want, and that’s part of the process, and I appreciate that,” she said. “I would have preferred to put ‘full time’ in, but it’s not the end of the world.”

Source: Full-time mayor label sputters out – Dayton Daily News

The way we select our Mayor and Commissioners in a stupid special election to narrow the field needs to be changed to a single ranked choice election where we pick 3 seats one cycle and 2 the next. Whoever has the most votes- gets the nod as mayor. See the plan on the Reconstructing Dayton site.

As to compensation, we would do much better to eliminate any urban township income tax shelters in densely populated parts of an urban county- and draw the threshold for an independent city at 50,000. Forcing podunks to band together would be a good first step. Moving to a single unified government should be the goal. We don’t need this many politicians, meetings, or tax districts to clean the streets, supply water and trash, have a functioning police, fire and court system.

And most importantly, we don’t need a full-time Mayor and a full time City Manager- it’s either or- and I vote for the professional manager over the professional politician any day of the week.

Who’s running for Dayton Mayor and Dayton City Commission? It’s a free for all.


Mar 5- we now know who turned in. As usual- a lot of posers pulled petitions but didn’t file. Those who file, still have to meet requirements and many signatures will be rejected.

We know Nan Whaley is not running. But, were we ready for this? Everybody and their mother is running- or claiming they will. Remember- until you have 500 certified signatures- you ain’t running. So far, only Jordan Wortham and Gary Leitzell are on- for commission and mayor respectively.

Prospective Candidates for Dayton City Commission and Mayor 2021

Right now the Dayton field of candidates that are certified:

  • Mayor- Gary Leitzell, petitions turned in 12/3/2020- why they aren’t certified yet is criminal. Certified 2/16/2021
  • City Commission- Jordan Wortham petitions turned in 12/3/2020- not yet certified as well. Certified 2/16/2021

16 February 2021- comment- Why the BOE hasn’t certified these signatures yet is criminal. – release Friday Feb 19, 2021

Others: (and again- until you’ve turned in 500 approved signatures and properly filled out petitions- you are just a poser).


You will have 1 vote in the primary- and there are 5 potential candidates to narrow to the top 2 vote getters.

  • Jeffrey J Mims Jr picked up petitions 1-6-21 for Mayor. Turned in 3-1-2021
  • Gary Leitzell, petitions turned in 12/3/2020- why they aren’t certified yet is criminal. Certified 2/16/2021
  • Keiana Davis 355 St Clair St picked up petitions Mayor 1-7-2021 turned in 3-5-2021
  • Rennes Bowers 1404 Hillpoint Ln. Dayton 45414 Mayor picked up 2/8/2021 – turned in 3-3-2021
  • Larry Ealy 712 Merideth St. Dayton 45402- picked up 2-9-2021, turned in 3/5/2021

City Commission

You will have 2 votes to chose between 7 potential candidates. Top 4 advance to the general in election where you will have 2 votes again to pick the top 2 winners.

  • Jordan Wortham petitions turned in 12/3/2020- not yet certified as well. Certified 2/16/2021
  • Shenise Turner Sloss is making her third run. Filed 2/22/2021, certified 3/2/21
  • Jared Grandy is making his first run. He resigned from his job of “community-police relations” with the city in early June. Turned in 3/1/2021
  • Valerie Duncan is running again- making this her third time. Turned in 2/16/2021, certified 3/2/2021
  • Darryl Fairchild is the incumbent. He could be a wild card in the Mayors race, but more than likely will run for City Commission again. If he opts to run for Mayor in a 3 way race with Mims and Leitzell, things could get ugly. There is also the option that he may do a Mary Wiseman and stop after one term, having seen the ugly underbelly of the Commission and city of Dayton politics and he just rides off into the sunset. Filed 3/2/202
  • Scott Sliver is running again after taking two cycles and a special election off. He came close in his first run in 2015. His nominating committee? Chris Shaw, Matt Joseph, Tom Richie Sr., Jocelyn Rhynard, Ronda Risner. Hmmmm. Turned in 3/1/2021
  • rumor– Stacey Benson-Taylor, regional director AFSCME- Tom Ritchie Sr. Replacement- secretary of Montgomery County Dem Party- also may have picked up for Dayton City Commission. This has been confirmed by Scott Sliver- the two may be running together. Turned in 3-1-21

Detritus by the wayside

  • Nan Whaleypicked hers up 10/20/2020- but has withdrawn. Note- you don’t need to pick them up to run- Leitzell didn’t pick them up- but, he turned them in.
  • Walter J. Hickman Jr. 2804 Princeton Dr Dayton 45406  2/3/2021- Mayor. Walter has tried to run previously- and failed to turn in signatures. He’s run as a write in for School board because he failed in the past.
  • Mohamed Al-Hamdani – his ego knows no bounds. However, the former mutual admiration society affair between him and Nan is rumored to have ended. At this point- it’s purely conjecture if he will run.
  • Jocelyn Rhynard- always holds her cards close to her chest- and sends out mixed messages. Hard to say what her next move will be. (she’s claiming to be running for school board again)
  • Donald Domenick has also pulled petitions for commission 1-8-20121. He’s never managed to properly fill them out and turn them in. Of all the “community leaders” I’ve met- he’s the most like Trump- a total reality distortion field is in effect every time he speaks.
  • Joshua L Hawes, 1304 Catalpa Dr. picked up 1/11/21 – Mayor.
  • Donald L Young 116 Billwood Dr. picked up 1/15/21 – Mayor.
  • Rumor has it that Rhine McLin may have picked up for Mayor.
  • Audrey L. Anderson 238 Audubon Park Dayton 45402 picked up 1/12/2021 for Dayton City Commission
  • Jason D. Gerard 204 Sears St. Suite 222 Dayton 45402 picked up 1/22/2021 for Dayton City Commission
  • Grant Dixon 2101 Wyoming Ave Dayton 45410 Mayor Picked up 1 2/16/2021
  • David Parker 318 Gramont Ave. Dayton 45417 Mayor picked up 2/16/2021

Petitions are due on Mar 5 2021 – notarized, and signed by the candidate, by that date. The primary, if more than 2 run for Mayor and more than 4 run for the two open commission seats (Mims and Fairchild) is May 4, 2021.

Also up this cycle I believe is Dayton Clerk of Courts- which is currently held by Mark Owens – who is the Dem party chair- and he runs unopposed every time.

This time he has opposition: Eric Walker 925 Reist Ave. Dayton 45417 picked up petitions 2/4/2021 Eric didn’t turn in- so Gehres runs unopposed. Vile. Of course, his petitions could fail (unlikely, then no candidates)

Also circulating petitions is Judge Dan Gehres’s son- Marty Gehres- because, well, you know, it’s the monarchy of Montgomery County- and we keep electing the people from the same families.

And, until the Board of Elections certifies petitions- it’s anybodies race.

The Dayton School Board has 4 seats coming up, currently held by Mohamed Al-Hamdani, Karen Wick-Gagnet, Rev William Harris and Jocelyn Rhynard. The deadline for these petitions isn’t until August- and the number of signatures is only 300.

updated Mar 5, 2021

Will Gamestop stop the game of Wall Street?

When the rich do it, it’s smart and capitalism at work.

When the masses do it- it’s an affront to the billionaires.

A wealthy friend who said “The small investors are doing the same thing the Wall Street/hedge fund people have been doing for years. The Wall Street/hedge fund people got caught on the wrong side of this deal and now they are complaining. Karma!”

Ohio has one Senator with a brain:

What happened? The super rich “shorted” the stock in GameStop- a retailer of video games. Shorting means they actually bet against the stock price- hoping it will go lower- and they can buy it for less. It’s actually a really heinous manipulation of the stock market which is supposed to create access to capital and help share the value of the company with investors.

However, since the rich have figured out how to trade in milliseconds, and some how get the Washington “Regulators” to allow this- they’ve turned the Stock Market into nothing other than a legalized casino- where they play monopoly, often with other peoples money (your pension, your insurance companies reserves, your mutual funds). Somehow- people like Steven A Cohen who just bought the NY Mets, get really stinking rich off this, until an insurrection finally turned the tables on him.

That started when another Cohen, Ryan, the CEO of Chewy took a run at Gamestop and got on the board of directors. He had figured that Gamestop was undervalued- and starting yesterday, a whole bunch of small investors started to buy it up- pushed by a thread on Reddit- and with some egging on by Elon Musk of Tesla/SpaceX fame (who often says Tesla is overvalued). When the little people gained access to stocks via the app RobinHood, they could buy and sell and tell their friends.

Some are making real money. The stock price shot up- forcing people like Steve Cohen to have to buy a lot of stock to cover his short positions. Well, more accurately, one of his minions, a company called Malvin Capital.

Melvin Capital, a well-respected hedge fund run by Gabe Plotkin, a former top trader for the hedge fund giant Steven A. Cohen, drew the ire of Wall Street Bets after disclosing in filings that it owned puts on GameStop. (Puts are options that produce a profit if the shares of the stock fall.)

The fund’s bets backfired — The Wall Street Journal reported that it was down 30 percent in the first few weeks of January alone — and Melvin said on Monday that two bigger funds, Citadel and Mr. Cohen’s Point 72, had swooped in to inject a combined $2.75 billion into the fund. A spokesman for Melvin said the fund had closed out its position on GameStop.

Citron Capital, a short seller that had made public statements suggesting that GameStop shares would fall, was also bruised. On Wednesday, Andrew Left, who runs the firm, acknowledged in an online video that he had covered the majority of his short position “at a loss, 100 percent.”

Source: GameStop Stock Soars as Reddit Investors Take On Wall St. – The New York Times

The stock was hyperactive yesterday-

GameStop’s market value to increase to over $24 billion from $2 billion in a matter of days. Its shares have risen over 1,700 percent since December. Between Tuesday and Wednesday, the market value rose over $10 billion.


Now that the big boys are taking a bath, the Securities and Exchange Commission has stepped in and limited trading. This is the antithesis of what they’ve done when the big boys are making money hand over fist. Or when they do really stupid thinks like the CDO’s that sank the market in 2009. I guess capitalism is only good when the rich are getting richer – and bad when the poor people make money.

What is sad is the reporting talks about the common man as uneducated dotards, and people like Cohen as sophisticated smart folks. It’s too bad that this kind of language is still passing as legitimate news coverage.

Let’s clarify, there is no such thing as a “professional money manager,” that is a euphemism for bookie. Nothing more.

Wall Street is nothing other than socialism for the rich, a protected class, who have figured out how to buy political protection, the same way a mobster offers “insurance“ for your business in the form of a monthly fee to “protect your right to exist.”

It’s not “investing” if you hold shares milliseconds, or hours, or anything less than the time it takes a business to use your capital to return a profit- usually at least months, but to be realistic it should be at least a year.

Shorting stock is a bet against a company, it’s not investing anything. The practice is despicable and should be considered un-American. You don’t like how a company is being run? Buy it and fix it, don’t be a jerk and kick a company down to fix it for your own benefit. This involves real people’s livelihoods.

Cut this crap about CEO’s being worth millions, based on stock price, especially when their employees are on welfare (Walmart, Amazon, I’m talking to you).

It’s time to end this funhouse for the rich that has destroyed small business, American manufacturing and jobs, and built a wealth gap of epic proportions.

Put a transaction tax on trading. Anything held less than a year has a 95% tax on the profit. Losses are not able to be written off. Make investment real again. End the madness.

I like the rules the guys who started Ben & Jerry’s (btw- is it just coincidence- but Ben is another Cohen- are they all related?) made about executive pay- no one in the company could be paid more than 5x the lowest paid employee.  They first raised it to 7-1, and finally to 17-1 just before they sold out to Unilever and the rule went away. Oh, and everyone got a free pint to take home every day!

I’m sure if this little financial insurrection manages to break the stock market, someone will blame Joe Biden, but, the reality is, the market has made people incredibly rich for adding very little to the wealth of our nation. Wall Street is totally disconnected from Main Street- and if this is the start of tipping that back, great. Let the revolution begin.


If US Legislators had a brain- Google would pay US News outlets too

The United States has just survived the last 4 years of an idiot president proclaiming that there is an alternate reality where journalism creates “fake news” and his misinformed ignorant ass was the true source of truth and wisdom.

Even our tech giants, figured out at the very end that Trump’s access to their platforms would lead to the end of the world as we know it- or at least Sodom and Gomorrah making a comeback. He’s banned from Twitter, Facebook and the alt-reality platforms like Parler and Gab even took hits.

Our democracy depends on a free and independent press- as the “Fourth Estate” to keep the other three- legislative, executive, and judicial branches in check. We also assume that the electorate is well informed and able to counteract abuses of power by our leaders due to the free and uncensored press. We mock other countries for their control of the media- yet, here we are, with tech giants, elected by no-one, deciding who has a platform and who doesn’t.

I was just put in Facebook “jail” for the first time- just prior to the inauguration until this morning- because I called for members of congress who were objecting to certifying the election results- to be tried and punished according to the 14th Amendment- which calls their actions treason, and the penalty- was to be shot. I could post to my wall- and on friends- but not to any groups- including the micro-group that’s created between seller and buyer on Marketplace (so I was unable to sell my 3 speedlights to someone who wanted to buy them). Thanks Facebook. Of course, it’s not a principle unless it costs you- so I lost $325 for my beliefs.

I grew up the son of a newspaper man. I own an ad agency. I do my own (unpaid) investigative citizen journalism on this blog. There are stories I’ve broken that I’m very proud of. I’ve invested my own money in producing videos, and writing, and even going to court to fight for what’s right. I don’t monetize this site- and even if I did- or could monetize my videos on Youtube (I still don’t have 1000 subscribers needed- go subscribe) I wouldn’t make enough to quit my day job (which I love btw). I say all this because it qualifies me to say this: Google is making billions by stealing other peoples work- and Australia has it exactly right- they need to pay for journalism- in the exact same way Google pays Youtubers /”influencers” for their work – for the click, for the watch, for the read. And, of course, since they watch every move we make- and use that info to send us personalized ads to make Alphabet (the parent company of Google, Youtube etc) zillions of dollars.

In Australia, they obviously elect smarter folks than we do- who actually understand what’s going on:

Google has threatened to remove its search engine from Australia over the nation’s attempt to make the tech giant share royalties with news publishers.

Australia is introducing a world-first law to make Google, Facebook and potentially other tech companies pay media outlets for their news content.

But the US firms have fought back, warning the law would make them withdraw some of their services.

Australian PM Scott Morrison said lawmakers would not yield to “threats”.

Australia is far from Google’s largest market, but the proposed news code is seen as a possible global test case for how governments could seek to regulate big tech firms.

Tech firms have faced increasing pressure to pay for news content in other countries, including France, where Google struck a landmark deal with media outlets on Thursday.

In Australia, the proposed news code would tie Google and Facebook to mediated negotiations with publishers over the value of news content, if no agreement could be reached first.

Source: Google threatens to withdraw search engine from Australia – BBC News

My father’s paycheck wasn’t made via subscriptions to the paper, or even so much by the big display ads that used to run in our nations newspapers- more than anything- his paycheck and the reporting we read was paid for by classified ads, obituaries and public records ads. Those pages of small text that now are reduced to just obituaries, court dockets/legal notices/bid notices etc where the “newspaper of record” charges by the line- and makes more money per page than any other part of the paper.

Craigslist was the first blow to classified ads- replacing all the help wanted/job ads, places for rent ads and personals with their free site. Later, Craigslist fired back- charging employers for posting and killing off the personals (which were supposedly used only by hookers – confession, my longest relationship was thanks to a Craigslist personal). Now, the tide is turning again- with job board sites charging a lot more- first Monster, then Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor, Careerbuilder and Linkedin now fighting for their slice of the pie and making serious dough for large online companies- cutting out revenue from newspapers. Facebook isn’t out of the mix either- with their Marketplace and Dating app.

Paywalls are nice, and I pay for the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and even the Dayton Daily News- to support their mission, but it’s not enough to support real journalism anymore. Newspapers across the company have cut staffs, shrunk their product and their coverage, and even limited the number of days they publish- all while Google and Facebook allow their content to feed their services with content for consumption. Used to be if you wanted to know what was in the NY Times you either subscribed, bought a copy, or went to a library- now- you just Google- and if you can’t make it past the paywall- you find someone else who “interpreted” or quoted (much like I did the BBC above) the story you are interested in.

Today, more than ever, the adage “information wants to be free” is true. And while Google is free to use- because they want to know what you think, what you are planning on doing- so that they can properly target ads- the revenue from those ads doesn’t go back to the content producer- except…. drumroll- on the second leading search engine- Youtube.

Youtube rewards content producers for making content that gets a lot of views. They are paid by either a fraction of the revenue generated from pre-roll and inserted ads, or from the fees generated by people who pay for Youtube Premium which cuts the ads out. This is the model that should be in place on Google- and not just for news sites- but every site. Google is a grifter now, taking other peoples creative output- and using it to make money for themselves. If there was no content for them to index (ie- we went back to paper and printing for everything) they’d be out of business. It’s for this reason- the idea of sharing all that ad revenue with the people that provide content for them to index not only seems fair- but just.

In case you are wondering about the great transfer of wealth which has lead to the greatest income inequality of all time, it’s the same hustle as it’s always been- just with a new set of clothes for the Emperor. Tim Cook at Apple didn’t invent the personal computer or the mac operating system or the iPhone or the iTunes store- but, he seems to think he’s entitled to great wealth just by not screwing it up too bad. Sergei Brin and Larry Page were lowly PhD candidates trying to get their doctorates when they invented Google- and had no idea how it would make them billionaires, and same goes for Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook- but, if it wasn’t them learning how to make you into their content producers and pimp what they learn about you to advertisers- they wouldn’t  have two nickles to rub together.

We’ve allowed this to happen. We’ve created an entire economic ecosystem that serves very few masters and enslaves us all. We’ve come to depend on the internet for almost everything- and yet, what should belong to us all- instead is no different than all of us being turned into cotton picking slaves in the old south with rich masters.

I appreciate each and every one of you who have read this to the very end. And, if you did- and you found value in it- a donation would help keep this going. But, what would be even better, is if we had elected officials as smart as those in Australia who are calling bullshit on Google and trying to force some sanity back into an insane economy that steals from the working poor to make the rich richer.

Today, we had the first board meeting of The Modern Policy Institute- my 501(c)(3) (pending) that is going to try to solve the problems of the American political low voter information system and bring more informed and smarter politicians to the forefront in a way where we’re running actual ranked choice elections instead of auctions for public office. I ask you to wander over and subscribe. www.modernpolicy.org

DPS skullduggery alert

There seems to be some questioning of my report that Dr. Libby Lolli sent out an SRO to the schools with a letter to sign in support of her contract renewal. Not only is this really wrong, in that letters from principals might be valid if asked for by the school board- and should be written individually under the principal own volition- but, also- that’s not part of an Security Resources Officers job duties- and the idea of a paramilitary person showing up from your boss with a letter to sign- is sort of like sending the thought police. Note, SRO’s may also be coming to help escort you out of the building if Lolli was to fire you (a proper use of their position.)

To this- I had confirmation. What I need now- is if you work in the Elementary buildings- tell me which SRO came and what time on Tuesday- so I can properly PRR the video footage to prove this allegation. Also- if you are a signatory- and want to privately state that you would never have signed it- I’ll keep your name out of it- but will publish your positions. Please email me- not from a computer or phone using the DPS network- or your work email- your position, which school, and statement to [email protected] (note- don’t use your phone at work- unless you’ve shut wifi-off first.

Then there is this:

On Tuesday night, Dayton’s school board promoted academic coordinator Tonya Ray to interim chief. Ray previously led Bellbrook schools’ special education department.The changes the state recommends should have been made years ago, Lolli said.

Source: Special education violations abound in Dayton schools, state says

Did anyone check how Tonya Ray’s tenure at Bellbrook went? Word is, there were a bunch of people who thought her performance there was less than stellar. This wouldn’t be the first questionable hire from another district. Lolli has zero HR skills, and has massively failed, as has the board in the past to vet candidates before hire. The person she’s filling in for- Dr. Angela Nichols- had similar skeletons in her closet. The board received warnings from Bellbrook parents – and ignored them as well. The turnover in administration under Lolli has been nothing short of epic. If you are a sports fan- the closest analogy I can think of is the trainwreck of the NY Knicks, who despite bringing in some incredible talent- can’t manage to ever put together a winning record of late.

And, for the record, this was the earliest the DPS board has renewed a superintendent in a long time. Usually, you wait until March to renew, since the contracts flip in June. And isn’t it nice that Nan Whaley piped in with her support- didn’t she used to say she wasn’t involved in the running of the School Board (until she backed the 4 candidates- and made sure the City Managers hubby had a job there).

To all of you DPS staffers who have stuck through this double calamity of Lolli and Covid- thank you. When you say you are doing it for the kids- you actually mean it. I respect the risks you take and your commitment to your profession immensely.

I am reposting what Mario Gallin wrote about this. I assure you- I will prove without a doubt with the video evidence if I get responses- that the SRO circulated letter happened:

I left the Board meeting after all the comments on the contract extension to watch the news. I left that mess to hear that 10 National Guard soldiers who were assigned to protect the next President during the inauguration were removed because a deeper FBI check found they had ties to extremist right wing organizations. Just like the ones who tried to take over our government two weeks ago. Our problems are not just local.
In a previous post, I called on the Board to cite the reasons that they felt warranted an extension of the Superintendent’s contract. I think it is time to be specific and data driven. I wanted them to cite their advisors. Who, besides themselves, thinks this is going well?
So here is what they came up with – the Mayor of Dayton, a coach, a Security Resource Officer, and the labor union leadership for the region. Their comments were lovely, but mostly centered on her willingness to talk with them, which I understand is a refreshing change of pace.
Actual DPS union leadership, with the exception of the Dayton Education Association was, was absent. The DEA president’s comments were at minimum non-committal. The examples he put forward of recent events would not lead anyone to think his membership was supportive.
There was a big kerfuffle yesterday regarding a letter of support by DPS principals. Mr. Ertsgaard, principal of Ruskin Elementary, presented the letter as their representative. He clarified that it was an initiative by the elementary principals, not anything that was solicited by Dr. Lolli. I was relieved that the rumors were not true. I do think it speaks to the climate in the District that so many people thought this was a possibility. Still uncomfortable with the notion, not disavowed, that an SRO went from school to school to collect signatures.
According to his opening remarks, and I paraphrase, elementary school principals are a close knit group in constant, if not daily, communication with each other. The letter which he read into the record was a solid endorsement of the Superintendent to date and a request for her continued leadership. Among other things, they admire her knowledge of curriculum and implementation. They feel that they have been given the tools they need to move the district forward. They made the case that the groundwork for academic success has been laid and just needs time to fully develop to maturity. They are pleased with how she has aligned curriculum direction, professional development, educational resources and the cultivation of community partnerships. You can hear the full testimony at the 1 hour 56 minute mark of the video.
It was signed by 15 of the 16 elementary principals. I am not 100% sure that all the signatories did so with a happy heart, but until I hear specifically otherwise I will take this at face value.
The contract extension was approved unanimously. There is a moment between when the motion is made and seconded and the vote, when discussion is possible. Honestly, I would have felt better if there were an infusion of positive comments, a litany of accomplishments, an acknowledgement of better days to come, but there was none of this. The only person to comment was Will Smith who basically said this year was rough, other years have been rough and there is still a lot more work to do.
Dr. Lolli did speak at the end of the meeting and it was there that she went over the things she has done since she arrived at DPS. You can watch it on the YouTube video at 2 hours 26 minutes in.
There are many who disagree with this contract extension. It is the last in a long line of decisions that have been opposed by various people. But, like the election results, it is a done deal. Time to move forward. The way to effect change at this point is to change the elected leadership. Be the change you want to see. Potential school board candidates need to file their petitions to run by August 4, just over 6 months from now.

The day before our country gets rid of one lunatic sociopath in charge, our DPS board, retains their own. At least our country can sleep easier.

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