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Mike Manning RIP

by David Esrati on March 23, 2011

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There are a lot less journalists today than when I was growing up- the son of Cleveland Plain Dealer copy editor. And while bloggers and internet sites may give you a lot more choices in where to get your info- the hard core “newsman” is a dying breed. They knew their beats- inside and out. […]

The Big Ten Network (BTN) and Time Warner Cable (TWC) have been having a full page ad war in the Dayton Daily News (DDN). The Big Ten Network is a last ditch attempt to milk cash out of College Sports- the last place where slavery is still legal in this country. The fans are getting […]

No matter what “No Child Left Untested” says- I’m sure even DPS dropouts can give a better answer (and find the US on a map) than Miss S. Carolina (and you wonder why they still have the stars and bars on their flag?) I’ve also heard Dr. Mack was building a house in South Carolina- […]

In my real life I own an ad agency- and we are working with Daybreak, the local runaway shelter. We’re looking for people who used their services over the last 25 or so years- and are willing to talk about the impact it had on their life. It’s for a video- but, clients will be […]

I was driving on Valley Street today- and instead of looking at Children’s Medical Center construction- I looked North at the corner of Chapel and Valley- and what was- was no more. Flood Memorial Park is no longer there. Dedicated in 1992- nothing is left- no brick twists, no house with an attic window- and […]

I’m not sure what’s going on- but is back, and it either stole, or is the same people as (same post- both sites)- note: daytonwatchdog now seems to be down… Last we heard before it went down- it was up for offers for a takeover. I offered to host it- and to help […]

I’ll be on WTUE this Sunday morning- as a guest “Beatlemaniac” with my friend Ann Stevens, host of Breakfast with the Beatles- from 10-11am. So tune in- 104.7 or

Dunbar makes it to national TV series

by David Esrati on March 26, 2006

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No, not our Dunbar High School- but a Lexington KY high school- named after Dayton’s own poet- Paul Laurence Dunbar- in the Lifetime TV show “Cheerleader Nation.” Wonder if the TV show people know Dayton Dunbar just won State? Oh yeah- would someone tell them- we wear blue and white.

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