Would you like Democracy with that?

Since the traditional media doesn’t work the way it used to- many voters (who were even mailed a notice from the BOE) aren’t going to remember the special election next Tuesday, July 13- with the centralized voting locations in Montgomery, Highland and Clinton Counties.

So- I’m printing up some postcards for delivery drivers to take with food orders between Friday and Monday night. Delivering food for thought with the pizza, subs, Chinese, etc. It has the details of the election, the three candidates with their mug shots- (Joe and Guy- I’d like higher rez versions please)- links to their websites and a link to  the YouTube video of the League of Women Voters forum.

Now- I just need to know who wants to deliver these? We’ll be calling establishments over the next two days- but, if you want to help- just put the info in the comments. I’ll do a post with links to all the restaurants that helped with this effort on the weekend. Pizza Bill was the first to volunteer- from Dayton’s Original Pizza Factory. Thanks Bill.

Here is a low rez pdf for you to check before it goes to the printer: Delivering democracy small pdf

Still have time for suggestions and corrections. Thanks

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