Winners and losers

One of the things that separates me from so many of you- is that I’ve run for office and lost. Many times.

I know almost all the people running locally- and, whether you like them or not, late Tuesday night and into Wednesday night is going to suck for exactly half of them.

They are all human beings, who believe in our country, our system, our process and have put themselves out there- which isn’t easy. They’ve had to give up nights home with their families to campaign, had to ask strangers for charity, had to answer uncomfortable questions on issues they will have no control over, and had to put their life on hold, just to try to win a job that doesn’t pay very well, and usually makes you the enemy of half the people, all the time.

You’ve seen the attack ads, you’ve read the dirt on their personal lives. You’ve been exposed to all the dirty underbelly of our way of politics- but they were living it.

All of them, even the evil ones (and if you read my blog- you should know who they are), are still people with feelings and emotions- and will have to adjust to a new perspective come Wednesday.

While people often thank me for my military service- we should also thank our candidates for their service- even though they don’t sign the check to the country payable with their life- they do take a lot on, that most won’t.

Something to think about.

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