Will dancing solve Dayton’s problems?

I love this video. From a professional viewpoint (I’m in advertising) this “pep talk” hits on all cylinders. It prods at your emotions- using every trick in the book, and since it’s a 9 year old kid, what’s not to trust. It’s a brilliant way to endear yourself to millions. If he was running for president, “Kid President” would probably garner more votes than any third party has ever had. But, of course, he’s not 35- and the process of getting on the ballot isn’t that easy.

However, this is what a great piece of political propaganda does, it simplifies everything. We don’t talk about issues and solutions that are real- we talk in platitudes and slogans. Only this video gets away with everything because it’s not real- it’s a parody.

There are two paths to political office, one is to do it the way the Montgomery County Democratic Party thinks it should be done- via their secret screening committee, endorsements and support- or the way I’ve always done it- the road less traveled. I agree with Kid President- it hurts.

When I look at other candidates’ literature, devoid of substance, I wonder how do we elect these people? Obviously, they dance better.


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