Why we should be burying our power lines…

In the oldest cities in Europe they don’t have these problems- when the wind blows.

Only in the US- where we somehow think it makes sense to put “Public Utilities” into “Private” hands and leave our infrastructure in the stone age.

Note the difference between these two “providers” of utilities:

Dayton Power & Light Inc. NYSE:DPL is reporting that as of 5 a.m. Monday 225,000 customers were without power in the company’s coverage area. A message on the electric company’s Web site says power restoration would be a multiple-day effort. The company has 300 crews working to restore power in the area and expects to have 500 crews working on Tuesday, a company spokeswoman said. DPL is calling back crews that are in Texas helping restore power caused by Hurricane Ike.

Vectren Corp. NYSE:VVC, which provides service underground, was not effected by the wind storm, according to a company spokesperson.

Nearly 400,000 still without power, three killed by storm – Dayton Business Journal:.

Of course, we can’t manage to keep two trains off the same track in this country either (something most 6 year olds are able to accomplish with their model train sets) so I wouldn’t hold my breath.

When you take 400,000 people’s refrigerator contents, plus lost productivity- you quickly see this is a very expensive outage. Instead of “rebuilding Iraq”- maybe it’s time time to rebuild our infrastructure.

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