State invasion of privacy: keep the bedrooms of Americans private, please.

I’ve often wondered how sodomy laws were supposed to be enforced. It’s dark, you’re getting busy and the back door gets opened when you meant to go through the front- instant criminal. The impeachment of Bill Clinton was supposedly about lying- yet, the questions had no business being asked. The correct answer when it comes to matters of the bedroom is “gentlemen don’t ask, and gentlemen don’t tell, thank you.” Had these words come out of Bill’s mouth- maybe we wouldn’t have suffered through the last 8 years of GWB.

This case has been rolling around since 1985, but I seem to have missed it (we don’t have a newspaper worth reading in Dayton Ohio- even though this is the kind of story they would typically love)- and I ran across it yesterday:

Police illegally videotaped a Wisconsin man having sex with his wife while she was in a coma in her nursing home room, an appeals court ruled Thursday.

David W. Johnson, 59, had an expectation to privacy when he visited his wife at Divine Savior Nursing Home in Portage, the District 4 Court of Appeals ruled. Therefore, police violated his Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable searches when they installed a hidden video camera in the room, the court said.

‘‘We are satisfied that Johnson’s expectation of privacy while visiting his wife in her nursing home room is one that society would recognize as reasonable,’’ a unanimous three-judge panel wrote.

Coma sex gets husband accused of rape :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Metro & Tri-State.

So far, the appelate court has rendered the right decision, however, in a case like this, the real victim has been Mr. Johnson. His, and his wife’s privacy have been forever taken away. The State has entered his bedroom, his life and the supposedly sanctified relationship between man and wife.

I don’t know about you, but, I can do without the State in the bedroom of consenting adults. And, if we argue about his wife’s ability to “consent”- in our current system of laws, remember: this is the man who had the ability to decide if his wife lived or died.

That this case was even filed, is just one more example of our government going places it has no business.

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