Why my picture isn’t prominently on my site

If you look at the competition sites: www.joeydwilliams.com and www.nanwhaley.com you’ll see their pictures prominently displayed. If you look at their literature, their picture is prominently displayed. If you watch Nan’s videos- she’s in them (with a creepy voice over talking about what she’ll do, as if she can’t speak for herself).

Here, you have to hunt for my picture.


Because, in a city where election maps split down the center of town based on race, I don’t want to be a part of that. Granted, the likelihood of me being an African American with the name “Esrati” is pretty slim (although most people are confused about its origin and make bad assumptions) so I can’t totally avoid it. The reality is, we don’t put our pictures on the ballot (yet, thank you) and if you haven’t heard my name from me or my campaign helpers knocking on the door- or remember it from the news, or saw some chalk on a walk, or a sign in a yard- I’ve not done my job.

Of course, I’ve had to do this all on a shoestring budget because I wouldn’t dare accept a $5K donation to my campaign (if you have that much money- find a real charity).

Politics isn’t about kissing babies, shaking hands, and smiling for the camera- at least it shouldn’t be. It should be about debate, discussion, compromise and civic duty. It should be about doing what’s best for the people- not the people who fill campaign war chests. Win or lose Tuesday- I’ll know that I tried to run an honest campaign- based on ideas for our future.

It’s up to my readers to tell their friends, and their friends to tell their friends- that there is substance here, not just a pretty picture.

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