Why is the Downtown Dayton Partnership making contributions?

I understand that the Library and the Metroparks levies  (issue 40 and 4 respectively) are essential to our community and give them 110% support. However, I’m wondering how the Downtown Dayton Partnership, which is itself tax supported (through a Special Improvement District (SID) Tax) can be giving tax dollars to another tax-collecting authority.

Looking over the levy pre-election campaign finance reports- both received $1,500 from the DDP.

This isn’t really their job. And, was there a vote of the taxpayers (Downtown real estate owners)? What next- money to Issue 3? At some point, this has to stop.

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D. Greene

This is shocking  that they just paid directly and didn’t make any effort to hide the source of the funds. I guess they just think that poorly of the taxpayers, we’re too ignorant and uninterested to be bothered with such details. I mean, what’s 3 grand right? Just a drop in an already overflowing bucket.
I wasn’t aware different government agencies could just write each other checks like that. Yeesh.