The fall of Qbase?

Willard Pardue, CEO of Qbase, has been building a house of cards much like Bernie Madoff, the only problem was his deck was filled with jokers. He chose to scam local politicians and development agencies into handing him cash for the promise of “high tech” jobs. The jobs never materialized, and he left a wake of x-employees all ready to throw a party when the handcuffs click around his wrists.

Heralded as a hero by the clueless politicians who bought into his song and dance, but, what was even more insipid was that while he was taking tax dollars into Qbase, he was turning right around and forcing employees to give campaign contributions to his benefactors, often under the threat of being fired. I’ve heard from so many of these former employees that it makes my head spin.

Several have told me they were asked to file false tax returns to claim they worked in Clark county when they in fact worked in Greene. They refused, and had the company execs sign off on the admission that they in fact did not work in Clark. The company is closely tied to their landlords, Mills Morgan Development with offices on Pentagon Parkway in Beavercreek, and the Nextedge Applied Research and Technology Park where folding tables were set up and interns sent over to pretend to meet hiring requirements.

The post “Bad investments by Government” pretty much sums up what went on. Since then, trouble has arisen when Pardue borrowed several million dollars from Mills Morgan Development, with a note that came due on the 15th of October. Qbase was in negotiations with a DC firm, “Diamondback,” but that deal fell apart Friday.

There are rumors that some company officials are about to skip the country for Dubai to avoid prosecution on tax issues.

This is the same company that the Montgomery County Democratic Party touts on their slate card that is being distributed around the city- even though Qbase offices aren’t in Montgomery County.

If any Qbase employees want to add to this post- don’t worry, your information will be protected.

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