Why Dayton needs to vote no on Issue 6 part 2

The first thing you should always do when looking over something “too good to be true” is to follow the money.

I failed to do that in the last post about this sneaky way to funnel public money into private hands without real governmental oversight, I’m going to begin to fix that now.

Let’s be clear, the signs are true- “no increase in taxes” – but, the allocation has changed. It’s still 50% for the services you should get from your regular income tax- because they waste the first 2.25% of your income tax on things like handouts to the Arcade developers or the flying electric car billionaire. So telling you that this extra tax pays for roads, public safety and a pittance for housing- is actually saying- we can’t quite pay off our friends and family with the money we already take- now we need more.

The other half of this additional tax- is to fund the “preschool promise”- but before, it was a fixed amount- and any thing extra went into the general fund. Now it all goes to the pre-school promise- and funds it in all those other communities that DON’T have an income tax to support it: Huber Heights, Jefferson Twp., Kettering, Mad River, Northridge, Trotwood-Madison, West Carrollton get a free ride. And remember- pre-school is free at DPS- and they have 5 star pre-schools.

Here’s the first clue that this is the rich screwing the poor. From “their”Neighborhoods for Dayton’s Future” PAC campaign finance report: 17 donors contributed $151,450. No, that’s not a typo- that works out to an average donation of $8,908.82

Does that sound like the poor people of Dayton are behind this campaign?

Here is who funded it.

University of Dayton1/17/24$20,000
LWC Inc1/24/24$5,000
Robyn Lightcap2/9/24750
Greater Dayton Hospital Association2/9/24$50,000
Economy Linen2/9/24$5,000
Charles V Simms Dev Corp2/9/24$2,500
Care Source2/10/24$30,000
Al Wofford2/13/24$500
Kim Jarvis2/15/24$500
Jane A McGee Rafal2/24/24$200
Matthew & Irene Joseph2/24/24$1,000
IBEW PAC Voluntary Fund2/24/24$5,000
Michael and Susan Riordan2/24/2410,000
Dayton Dragon's2/24/24$10,000
Staffco Construction2/27/24$1,000

I think it’s obvious who most of the donors are- either city contractors like Sandy’s or LWC, non-profits who don’t pay property taxes like UD or GDHA, or CareSource who have staff that might want help paying for pre-school.

You’ve got the political crowd- Commissioner Joseph, and Economy Linen (the Feldman family- who got given the old McCall’s site for next to nothing for their new plant). Charlie Simms who is a developer.

Michael Riordan is the CEO of Premier Health.

Jane A McGee Rafal works for Learn to Earn- and the Dayton Foundation (who sent out a mailer from their “Preschool Promise Levy Fund” today. Robyn Lightcap is the executive director of the Preschool Promise.

I’d really like to know why the workers of the IBEW PAC are handing out money like candy- $5K to the Preschool Promise and $10K to a Preble County carpetbagger running for Congress.

I’m a bit pressed for time, so here’s a few other things to consider. The campaign is being managed by Gen Murphy- a woman who runs a company called “GEN MURPHY & ASSOCIATES” that has no website- and she floats in and out of the backroom of the Montgomery County Democratic Party. She hires “Burges and Burges” for $75K out of Cleveland to do work and media buying, and $19,500 to a design and web firm in Avon Ohio, Cromwell and Company (who has a holding page for a site)- obviously, she doesn’t think too much of all the local marketing talent. It’s all in the handwritten campaign finance report. For her efforts, she paid herself $20,684.79

But, wait, it gets better, but the in-depth look at this will take a little longer. Robyn Lightcap director of the PreSchool Promise- is married to Scott Siegfried- who is the Chief Innovation Officer of the Miami Valley Child Development Centers. Guess who the PreSchool Promise hands money over to? And, it gets even better- one of the former trustees of MVCDC is our old friend Adil Baguirov (now known as Al Baguiro) but we’ll save that story too.

Just know, it’s always about the money. And while they promise this costs all the folks who live outside Dayton and come in to work here- let’s be clear on who it really benefits. The “Preschool Promise” money is just a way to make sure your money takes care of the “Monarchy of Montgomery County” and makes fools out of the taxpayers.

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