When it comes to giveaways, Dayton Daily cares more about spaghetti than your tax dollars

The Dayton Daily “news” wasn’t at the Dayton Public Schools school board meeting yesterday when they voted to give an open ended $108,000 PR contract to the Cleveland political consulting group, Burges & Burges. However, the Dayton Daily was at a Fazoli’s in Huber Heights to cover a corporate PR stunt of giving away 25 $3 bowls of spaghetti.

Some area spaghetti lovers got a free plate of the stuff Saturday, Jan. 10, and a reminder about the most important rule of success – you have to show up.

via 25 win free spaghetti for a year from local restaurant.

As the son of a career journalist, I can only say that the news business ain’t the news business it used to be.

Also note, this spaghetti story made it on page 3.

Editorial decisions drive content in the paper, content is what drives readers, and readers- well, the few that are left, they drive our community. It’s no wonder we’re in trouble.

If there is an editor with a brain left in the “Media Center” (note, the word news is conspicuously missing) or any DDN employees who would like to comment- feel free. Tell us how you really feel about the quality of the 2009 “news”-paper.

Thankfully, I can easily read the New York Times and the AP news on my cell phone for free.

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