What is GetDownDayton?

I stumbled across this site from a stale link on Nan Whaley’s blog- and find that we have a new publication in town. No easy RSS to it- so I probably won’t be following it closely- but, who knows- it may be a nice addition to the media market.

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What is GetDownDayton.com?

GetDownDayton.com is your link to Dayton lifestyle. Our main goals are to make life easier, promote your events, and provide a venue to discuss, or vent about, anything ranging from the restaurant you were at last night, to your mom’s new (really small) dog.

It’s a fully searchable community internet portal. We have full bar and restaurant directories, with instant maps, numbers, and often links to stories about a particular restaurant.

We produce daily enterprise video and print reports on your events, and your feedback. We hope you visit the forums to talk about our stories, find new friends, and promote your events. We also hope you let us know of any errors in the directories, or if we’re missing something. These are constantly evolving directories, and we need you involved to make them perfect!

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