Terrified of terrorists?

To our fear driven President:

Drunk drivers kill more Americans than terrorists.

Poor health care kills more Americans than terrorists.

Cigarettes kill more Americans than terrorists.

Terrorists killed 3000 innocent Americans- you have killed well over 10x that many innocent Iraqis, and are approaching killing 3000 servicemen and women in your campaign of fear mongering.

You are killing our economy for the common man while making the rich- more rich.

You, sir, are the terror threat to democracy- because as the gap between the rich and the poor widens, we will be facing a more dangerous threat to America than terror- we will be facing lawlessness run amuck on our streets as the foreclosed and jobless take to the streets to fend for themselves- whilst you keep reminding us of the terrorist under the bed.

Our grand country was founded on dissent- yet today, it is unfashionable. Our country was founded on the premise of individual freedoms- but those are slipping away under your reign.

If all men are created equal- we must strive to at least give them a chance to have the same equal and basic access to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness- in that, Mr. President, you are a complete and utter failure.

I fear you more than I fear any terrorist- unlike the terrorists, I know you have WMD’s.

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