What happened to real leadership?

Real leaders lead from the front. Jackasses, work from the rear.

At least that’s what I learned in the Army.

When I ran for office the first time, a major theme was to get rid of the “Billionaire Boys Club” who liked to run our city from behind closed doors. Some things don’t change:

Dayton Regional Network Thwarted by Secrecy | grassroots greater dayton
The Dayton Regional Network (DRN) was established about two years ago to attempt to push regional cooperation through service consolidation and other cooperative efforts.

An effort sorely needed in the Dayton region.

The DRN has been chaired by Dayton Daily News Publisher Doug Franklin and Miamisburg Mayor Dick Church. The DRN is staffed by Ron Budzik of the Dayton Business Committee (DBC) and Mike Ratcliff of the Mayors and Manager Association.

The first initiative of the DRN is the recent effort at 911 consolidation in Montgomery County which at the time was considered “low hanging fruit.”

If this is the way things are done in Dayton, why don’t we just cancel the elections, fire all the politicians- and let Doug and Dick, Ron and Mike run everything?

Better yet, lets crown one of them King.

This is America people- where we used to have people who weren’t afraid to get on a soapbox and say their piece.

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