More lives than a cat. Dayton Politics (sort of) returns.

There is nothing there- but, someone’s back at running something called (guess someone was asking too much money for

Dayton Politics Blog
Dayton Politics is back under a new domain. Be sure to update your bookmarks to reflect

We are accepting your tips and inside information, email us at [email protected]

Go ahead and add it to your feeds and your blogrolls- and let the commenting begin!

ps. if you don’t know what a feed is, and still have to keep visiting a bookmark to see if there is something new- you need to take my websitetology seminar on Wed. Jun 27.

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The redirect is working. Your seminar won’t be necessary.

Thanks for the plug.



The link in your post is broken. Perhaps an HTML for Dummies book would be a decent addition to your shelf?

David Esrati
David Esrati

Sorry- link broke when I corrected the redirect mention-
fixed now…



I followed the link, and rolled on over to the “Blog Roll.” When I paused the cursor over “David Esrati,” (yes, I am sure there is some technical computer term for this, but I’ll be darned if I know what it is), it popped up “Dayton’s Armchair Quarter Back.” Now, Dave, do you know these people well enough to live with such a categorization, and if so, can you tell the numskulls that quarterback is one word?

David Esrati
David Esrati

The real question is am I starting, or on the bench?
It’s called a title tag- and it’s good to know that if UD needs me- I’m ready…