What are your qualifications?

What exactly are the qualifications for a Dayton City Commissioner? The charter says be a resident, a voter and turn in 500 valid signatures presented by 5 registered voters, and that’s about it.

Considering 11 people turned in petitions and only 5 are on the ballot- apparently, at least 50% of the people who want this job fail the first test.

We currently have a former mortician as Mayor. A “Grassroots activist” who has worked for UD as a community organizer for as long as he has been in office, two former political party patronage seat warmers, and a bank president.

How do I answer that question? I could list what I’ve done, in a bio. I could even talk about my 20 year pursuit of this position- and all I’ve learned from trying. But, I prefer to talk about  ideas- and that’s what I’ve been doing for the last 4 years on this site.

The central premise of my election is that I want the City Commission to return to the management style envisioned by John Patterson when Dayton adopted the City Manager form of government almost 100 years ago. I want to put the City Manager first and forefront of leading this city. I want them to succeed wildly, be well known, be the full-time champion of the people. That’s what we pay them for.

I want the commission to act as a board of directors- an advisory panel, that sets goals and objectives for the City- and acts as a sounding board for the manager. I want to have a well run city. I don’t want politics to be at the heart of everything we do- we’re supposed to be non-partisan by design. It’s time to put the citizens and tax payers first.

It’s time the citizens had a voice again on the Commission, I want to be that Commissioner.

I’ve published my ideas for your input for four years- imagine what would happen if we could have that level of discussion brought to the commission? Are those qualifications enough?

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Stuart K
Stuart K

I appreciate the open discourse this blog creates.
But I have to call BS when I see it.
You’re about as partisan as it gets. You’re so partisan that you don’t even recognize the validity of the other side’s opinions… and you’ve got 4 years of contentious arguments to prove it. So don’t feed us this feel-good BS.


And I call BS when I see it, Stuart.  While David Esrati has deeply held philosophies about local government, his “leanings” as a politician are all over the map. Dayton is too small to be further divided into “Democrat” and “Republican” agendas, and of the many things Esrati might be guilty of, partisan politics isn’t one of them. He may be partisan to common sense, or wild notions, but no one sees him as a banner carrier for any political party.  
The fact that this forum is as wide open as it is, even when it’s chock full of hateful opinion about Esrati says more for his tolerance and understanding than would any mush-mouthed platform position. 


Sure he leans left, is left, is liberal…. but he does have some views that go against the democratic grain. I think he keeps the DP at arms reach, and they do him. He is not a blind Democrat. Heck, he supports Gary for mayor, he is not the Democrat Representative – Rhine McLin is…….

Stuart K
Stuart K

Very fair point made by all of you, which brings up another concern. David is something of a lone wolf. Unfortunately, I don’t believe that such a lone wolf will be able to accomplish much of anything. This city needs teamwork.


Larkin, I never would have said this two days ago but…. I agree with you on this. David doesnt follow party lines. Thats what makes him the best choice for commission. You cant expect to agree with everything a politcian(sorry David for tagging you with that title) does or says, because they cant make everyone happy. David sides with common sense, for the most part. I dont agree with some of his views, but he’s got my vote.

David – as for as being a resident – how has J. Williams got away with it. I believe it is very similair to the Husted residency. Owns a home in the district, yet doesnt spend much time there. Rumor has it his kids goto a public school outside of the DPS district that requires proof of residency to attend… Food for thought for someone with the means to check into this further….


I’m surprised you don’t support a modified “stronger mayor” form of government like every other city that respects itself. It’s not 1913 anymore.

Teresa Lea
Teresa Lea

Just FYI – Joey Williams kids go to Valerie Elementary – in Dayton.