We’ll help, after you fail: State-run divorce class

There is one person who comments frequently on this site who blames almost all of society’s ills on poor parenting. I don’t disagree entirely with him.

We are the products of our parents.

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard friends wishing that kids came with an instruction manual. Dr. Spock, the baby doc, made a lot of money with his guide to parenting: Dr. Spock’s Baby and Child Care: 8th Edition It’s 922 pages long, so apparently, raising a kid isn’t exactly child’s play.

We avoid talking about sex ed in school, because we may somehow tip kids off to what they seem to be perfectly able to figure out all by themselves: insert part P into slot V and we’re baby makers.

Getting married isn’t that tough either (unless you aren’t capable of making babies ’cause you’re both part p or slot v models)- take your $55 and go apply for a “marriage license” and off you go to legally sanctioned bliss.

No class or permit on the ins and outs of making babies, no class on how to “live happily ever after” – it’s easier to do either of these than getting a driver’s license.

But, should you make babies and decide to dump your mate, we’ve got a three-hour seminar that you are required to attend: “helpling children succeed after divorce.” It’s held at least three times a week at Sinclair Community College, and no, they don’t provide child care. You get the invite (it’s required) in a legal document- here’s what one looks like- sans names and case #:Court Order

Yep, after you fail at marriage, we’re going to tell you how to rear your kids- not before.

If we’re looking to cut programs from government to save money- let’s try cutting this one. It’s clearly government sticking its nose in where it doesn’t belong- and frankly, three hours isn’t going to even begin to cover what took Dr. Spock 922 pages, is it now?

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