We once rioted over a tax on tea

Michael Brown didn’t deserve to be shot dead.

Darren Wilson shouldn’t have had a big guy tussle with him while still in his cruiser.

People taking to the streets rioting, looting and attacking cops isn’t the answer.

“Leaders” like Al Sharpton screaming injustice over this small piece of stupidity in the corner of the insane asylum shouldn’t be given a microphone.

The President should have been there to read the Grand Jury release- and continue on to talk about the real problems this country has- and not the ones that the media is turning into a circus.

If you want peace, work for justice. If you want justice- it’s time to take a good long look at how Michael Brown and Darren Wilson ended up on Canfield Drive.

These two losers in the lottery of instant fame by accidental stupidity are products of a country that’s lost its moral compass and its right to call itself the land of liberty, home of the free, brave or where all men are created equal.

This country is ready for another revolution, but this won’t be it. Michael Brown isn’t Rosa Parks. Michael Brown, if not by Darren Wilson, would have probably ended up just another statistic at another time. We live in a country that thrives on fear- fear of black men, fear of drug dealers, fear of bringing a knife to a gun fight. And one in six lives in fear of keeping their home, finding their next meal, or keeping their second job, which still doesn’t provide enough for them to safely raise a family.

There is a Mark Twain quote from long ago, that’s as applicable today as when it was written: “Principles have no real force except when one is well-fed.”

And our country is starving. For food, for substance, for leadership – that knows the difference between right and wrong. That understands what true equality means. We’re headed to a throwdown where many think that those with the most ammo think they will win. Yes, a real live shooting war on the streets. The people rioting in Ferguson when the first riots broke out, didn’t take the hint when that they were seriously under-armed and over-confident.

The real crimes in this country are being driven by less than 200 extremely rich people who are buying elections. The real crimes are taking place daily on Wall Street where legalized theft is legitimizing the theft of trillions out of retirement funds, real estate mortgages, and through funny money pyramid schemes where the Federal Reserve keeps printing money- and rich people keep stockpiling it- while the dumb maybe-voters go out for a smack down by the cops in Ferguson.

Our prisons hold more black men, indited for stupid petty theft, that cost us billions to keep away from their families- while Wall Street invests in private prisons, private armies and lives in a world so far removed from Canfield Drive that you need NASA to build a rocket to bridge the gap.

Michael Brown and Darren Wilson aren’t even pawns in the game of chess that’s long been played out in this country. Big money could care less what happens to justice because they already own it. Didn’t you get the hint when OJ got off? The only person who’s managed to give them a scare was Bernie Madoff who made off with a bunch of stupid rich people’s money.

Injustice is happening all over this country, but the people rioting don’t know who their real enemy is.

Remember this is a country that once revolted over a tax on tea.

Ignorance is the enemy, and he won long ago.

note: I’ve been avoiding this and the WalMart shooting of John Crawford in Beavercreek for a while. I’ve been waiting to spend more time to write an analysis of what went wrong here- not in Ferguson. As I sat at dinner with a friend, watching the reading of the Grand Jury findings on a phone, in the Spaghetti Warehouse, the question came up- “what is the trigger for a revolution” and how far off it would be. Only history will know, because while it’s happening, it’s never that obvious.
This may not be my best writing- or the most coherent essay- but it’s what I’m thinking now- and it may evolve over time. I ask that you go easy on me- and stick to the ideas that you are having as this mess unfolds into the pages of the history books- or not. Many better people have died for a cause, the President just awarded the presidential freedom medal to the “Mississippi Burning” heroes, 50 years later.
I look forward to your thoughts.

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