We need a Channel 9 to leadership

This site is Channel 9 into the workings of David Esrati. You’re here because you like thought provoking dialog about Dayton issues (or because Google says I’m the guru of something related to Dayton).

Channel 9 is the channel where the airlines let you listen to cockpit chatter- and back in the old days of CB radios (remember those, good buddy?) it was the channel that was reserved for emergency use. The idea of the listening into the cockpit was a way that fearful travelers could rest assured that they weren’t going to crash.

Microsoft started a Channel 9 to open lines of communications with their stakeholders and it helped take the mask off the evil empire.

Wouldn’t it be refreshing if our elected representatives shared their thoughts via this amazing 2-way communication system we have here? That’s what you’ll get if you elect me to Congress to represent the people of Ohio 3.

Knowledge is power- and I’d like to share that with you once I’m elected, in the same way I’ve been sharing it as just another community activist.


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