On me getting it right

Besides the fact that the picture in the paper has me clean shaven (I’ve been sporting the goatee again since August), the paper has a quote that may seem stupid to some. I’m going to be the first to admit- I think in concepts, and speak in words- and sometimes the two don’t quite jive. I am most lucid and accurate when I write. I should follow the Jason Calacanis model, and only interview via IM (then post before the story breaks :-)

So- to make things clear- even though I may have said this:

Longtime Dayton activist Esrati to run for Congress
Esrati remains critical of Turner on issues such as home foreclosures and predatory lending.

“The threat to our democracy is not the global war on terrorists,” added Esrati. “The threat is that the United States is going to get bought by China.”

What I meant to say was: “The threat to our democracy is not going to be solved by the global war on terror,” added Esrati. “The threat is that the United States is going to get bought by China.”

In fact, the money being spent on the GWOT with the military industrial complex may be the only thing keeping our economy afloat. There is one thing we don’t like to outsource to China- and that’s our weapons of war.

If China told Wal-Mart “starting today, everything will cost 25% more”- coupled with the falling dollar, we’d all (at least “my people” who live with high credit card balances and fear of going to the doctor) be screwed.

The 500 Billion spent in Afghanistan and Iraq could have gone a long way to making us energy independent via investment in mass transit, high speed rail, tax incentives for businesses who employee people who can walk to work and in a high speed data infrastructure so that more work could be achieved virtually.

Think about it.

And please, forgive me in the future for my inability to quote exact conversations back, it’s never been a skill. I listen and analyze, not listen to memorize. It’s how I’m wired.


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