Voter fraud? Really?

After just spending over 60 hours going door to door, following the walking lists provided by the Montgomery County Board of Elections I feel qualified to share a little secret: the only fraud committed in voting is the actual list of registered voters.

While the BOE lists hold over 100,000+ names in Dayton of “registered voters” while the census says that we only have 108,000 people over 18 (93%), the even more fascinating statistic is that maybe 1 out of 3 homes has a voter registered. There are a lot of people who aren’t registered, don’t want to be registered and have no interest in voting. I know- I tried to register people. They gave up long ago.

Yet, according to our idiot House Speaker Pro Tem Lou Blessing we’ve got a huge problem with “people voting more than once”- so big in fact, that we now need to require our citizens to present a photo ID- as if our voter registration process isn’t already difficult enough- and our voter rolls way out of whack:

Legislation to require photo identification for voters who cast their ballots on election day or cast absentee ballots in person is expected to come up for a House committee vote on Tuesday.

Under current voter ID requirements, there have been instances of people voting more than once, said Rep. Lou Blessing, R-Cincinnati, joint sponsor of House Bill 159. Blessing also is House speaker pro tem, the House’s number two leadership post.

“Anybody and everybody will be able to get an ID that doesn’t have one at no cost,” Blessing said.

Ellis Jacobs, senior attorney for the nonprofit Advocates for Basic Legal Equality in Dayton, said, however, that the bill would make it harder for people to vote.“It creates an obstacle course for the 11 percent of the public that doesn’t have an ID,” said Jacobs.

via Legislation would require photo ID to vote | Ohio politics.

Does anyone in the House have the brains to ask for proof of this alleged voting fraud? And, if there is double voting going on- could it possibly be because we’ve got a system of 88 different Boards of Elections- all filled with political party patronage positions? Utilizing five different data vendors? Three different “approved” voting systems? Hmmmm….. A little room for some of that great consolidation the governor keeps talking about? Like one database for all voters- with a simple registration process- and a vote by mail system so that the ballots are all maintained by one authority? It works in Oregon.

But, the real problem isn’t being addressed at all: the reason people have lost faith in voting in the first place. Starting with the choices we’re provided. In a country where you can literally buy 300 different brands of cereal- we’ve put a system in place that only allows us to choose between the lesser evil usually presented to us as Clown number 1 and Clown number 2. Not only are we restricted in choice, but, given the system- the introduction of Clown number 3 makes you wonder if you are “throwing your vote away” by voting the way you really feel. Instant run-off balloting would solve much of this feeling of voter alienation- where at least they could vote the way they really feel- instead of playing odds.

And last but not least- while you have to pass a test to drive, and to cut hair, and to get a GED – the only people taking a citizenship test in this country are the people who really want to be here- immigrants. The average voter can barely explain how our system of representational “democracy” works- never mind the people who actually run for office.

If you need proof of how stupid you can be and get elected in the City of Dayton- I have a document a reader sent to me- written by a former member of the Dayton Public School Board, a former teacher in our schools- written to the Board of Elections to explain why she didn’t have proper records of donations:

Nellie Maclin Terrel letter to BOE

The text:

Dear Board of Election
To whom it may concern. Nellie Maclin Terrell make a reasable attemp to location date of check from contributors.
Nellie Maclin Terrell

She was handed the BOE stationery and told what to write. She was a Democrat- and note, Tom Ritchie Sr and Greg Gantt were both on the board back then.

Frankly, allowing people who can’t write a simple note to be on the ballot, never mind elected is the real crime in this country. Let’s give the voters who still go to the polls- a reasonable benefit of a doubt that they aren’t the ones responsible for the hapless mess we have.

Photo IDs aren’t the answer- IQ tests for politicians are.

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