One budget cut Kasich won’t make

Despite being a reported $8 billion in the hole, and needing to sell off roads, prisons, the cash cow liquor business, and ticking off every single state employee with SB5, Governor Kasich hasn’t made a peep about the payroll of the highest paid state employee- OSU Buckeyes football coach Jim Tressel.

In addition to the original two-game suspension, Ohio State also said Tressel must pay a fine of $250,000 of his estimated annual salary of $3.5 million, must attend a compliance seminar, will receive a public reprimand and must apologize for his actions.

via Tressel wants to sit out 5 games along with suspended players.

Despite screwing up and risking the entire 2010 season to forfeiture because of NCAA violations- not a peep about cutting the coach’s pay. Either we’re hurting for dough- or we’re not? And- is he willing to forfeit his pay for an entire season for his failings?

Of course there is the argument that OSU football brings in millions of dollars to the state, and an entire economy is built around it- but, hey, $3.5 million per year? Where’s the outrage? Did collective bargaining get him this windfall?

The best part is his employees work for the state for room, board and maybe a diploma- with zero collective bargaining rights at all. Kasich loves slave labor?

And what about the highly paid College President at OSU- he clears over a million a year? And the former lobbyists and legislators who are making $300K a year (Joyce Beatty comes to mind)- could we make some payroll cuts among the ratified air friend force on the state payroll?

If we aren’t well on the way to a plutocracy, I’m not sure what else to call it. Maybe we can start by stop calling Tressel coach- and instead call him by the title his pay and benefits amount to: King.

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