Vote no on Issue 3. For a whole lot of reasons

I’ve already written why Issue 3 is a bad idea. Never mind that Montgomery County Democratic Party thinks it’s a good idea because they got money from the Casino backers to tell you to vote yes.

It creates a monopoly- with no competitive bidding- for 2 organizations in 4 locations. How big of a monopoly? It even bans churches and softball leagues from playing blackjack at a fish fry:

Require that casino gaming be conducted only by authorized casino operators of these four casino facilities or by licensed management companies retained by such casino operators.


via Issue 3 bans fish frys..

Gambling is a pretty bad bet to begin with. However, I’m at a point of frustration with every state around us offering it. We need to save our gamblers their gas money- and have them in Ohio, but only with a true competitive bid situation- like the bill that’s being introduced for next year if this doesn’t pass.

This amendment is a farce- going as far as to write specific pieces of property into the Constitution. Again- Amendments are special, they require a super-majority of 70% of the popular vote to change. This is bad legislation, written to hand over the keys to the candy store to two companies.

Vote no on Issue 3. You’ll get another chance soon enough to vote for something that’s more fair to you and will make our State more money.


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