This is for Gene.

In response to my previous post about a letter I didn’t send to Dr. Mack- frequent commenter, Gene, let loose with some serious judgmental generalizations.

It would seem that he needs some love.

We’re all one race- human. I wish more people could see it clearly. Here is a short video- and a link to the Free Hugs Campaign. I’m hoping some people get together in Dayton and stage a hug-in.

Official Home of the Free Hugs Campaign – Inspired by Juan Mann – Home
Free hugs is a real life controversial story of Juan Mann, A man whose sole mission was to reach out and hug a stranger to brighten up their lives.

The site is worth a quick look- it seems that Dayton isn’t the only place that has had problems with symbolic free speech- the powers that be in Sydney Australia actually banned free hugs.

See- the world is a small place after all. In the meantime, someone please give Gene a hug.

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Point taken – I’ll go to a bar to seek said hug.

Notice how the HUG was…………..FREE. A little motivation, a plan of action and GREAT Marketing go a long long way. Seeeeeeee, no money needed!



In one post you are talking about being “sweet and sugary.” Then in the next post, you are advocating a hug-in? What did they do to you at the National Conference? Too much Kumbia singing or was it the aromatherapy? What’s happening to you?!?!


David Esrati
David Esrati

They say dogs take after their owners- if you met mine, my cover would be totally blown.
Too much work, not enough sleep, working with one of the greatest ad talents in the world is taking the crust off…
I dunno- but Gene’s comments worry me.
I’ve always checked the “Other” box for ethnicity, since I was knee-high to a grasshopper- and written in “human”
I also went to the Muhammad Ali museum while I was in Louisville- it reminded me, that even a boxer could take a stand against a war that was wrong- losing his title- and his livelihood.
So what if I don’t do any corporate work in Dayton since Mike Turner had me arrested- one day, people will finally get it.



Gene’s comments have worried me too in the past. He seems to prefer argument to discussion. I can never take seriously someone’s thoughts when they are presented in an emotional fashion – we are at the top of the food chain for a reason. We have logic, reason and self-awareness; I see no excuse for not using them.

And Gene, this is not a bash on you, I just wish you would present your thoughts in a way that we could actually discuss them. You bring up things that would make great discussions, but kill them by turning everything into – as Dave so aptly put it – some serious judgmental generalizations. You worried once you had hurt my feelings – not possible because I do not even know you. But that comment was very revealing about you; that you are an emotional person. In my opinion, our thoughts should govern our emotions, not the other way around.

Dave, as to your comment about the Ali museum, it made me think of the quote I keep taped to my fridge – “Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is still the truth” (Ghandi). Those are the words I live by (funny though, in doing so, I very rarely get accused of being “sweet,” or “sugary,” though I do get the occasional “nice” ;-)).

And Dave, it is okay if your “crust” is softening, but please do not completely lose it. The reason I started coming to this site is you seemed to share my level of sarcasm and dry wit. I am begging you, do not lose those…

but then again, if you tell me your dog is poodle, I will know it is too late…


David Esrati
David Esrati

The dog ain’t no poodle.
Like the Gandhi quote.


Again, point taken. I am not that emotional, rather the opposite. I just prefer to excersise my cash into what I consider useful situations. DPS needs cash – and so does everyone that calls me every night, every poor guy on the street, every retail outlet lookin’ for a buck – the BIG difference is that DPS has edu-ma-cated and Ka-nall-a-gable folks, and they still think my money should be their own without REAL solutions. David’s letter is really the same type of thing I am saying, although different, which is WAKW UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE. And since everyone seems so damn perfect, do you know anyone on crack/blow/meth that has kids?? I do……. THREE people – — ——— three real friends (well, not much any more) and their kids suffer huge. Not bc they arem stupid, rather they have stupid parents. Bottom line, call ’em like I see ’em. Wake up – the situation does not turn for the better bc I pay taxes. David’s other site reveals something to the affect that if “you are not hear to change the world then leave.” God bless all those who want the status quo for a broken system. Right. Left. Right. Left. Right. Left. Right. Left. Right. Left. Right. Left. ……… or change…truth….actually helping people who need help rather than excuse after excuse………????????

Bruce Kettelle

“do you know anyone on crack/blow/meth that has kids?? I do……. THREE people”

Gene – Call children services immediately!


You’re supposed to aspire to be half the man your dog thinks you are. David actually IS the man his dog thinks he is.

But she’s a rather cynical dog. :-)


hmmm…maybe Quixotic needs a hug too ;)