Update from the campaign trail: Montgomery County Dems event

Tonight is another candidates’ night- in Fairborn- run by the League of Women Voters.

This could be the first time that Mike Turner actually shows up at a primary event, since he has opponents John Anderson and Edward Breen. Don’t count on it- Turner doesn’t typically have time to meet with the people he represents (he does spend an inordinate amount of time talking to donors though).

Last night, at the candidates’ night hosted by the Montgomery County Dems at party HQ- a whopping 35 or so people (and remember there were 6 candidates with their entourages- so it was more like 25 people) heard from the Dem contenders.

At the end, a lady in the audience asked “do we have position papers from all the candidates”- to which the answer was no. This clearly shows how the Montgomery Democratic party has forgotten about the fundamental reason that we have a primary.

Image of McMasters lit- click for PDF

McMasters Literature- click to download a PDF

Last night, Tom McMasters brought out his first campaign piece. Despite having hired a staffer, our 1% candidate Sharen Neuhardt still doesn’t have one. Ryan Steele is still working on his website while Mack Van Allen has launched the Van Allen For Congress site. I don’t have anything to add about Olivia Freeman’s campaign- when the video posts you can make your own judgment on all candidates.

Of course, the media didn’t cover the event, so you’ll have to wait for me to do some quick editing and then very slow uploading of the video of all 6 candidates so you can make a more informed decision.

Of course, my positions are all documented, since 2005 I’ve been sharing my ideas- and exposing the graft that’s been going on in our district. I am the only candidate who believes that speaking to the voters isn’t something you only do at election time, that the process of representation is a full-time job- not one that comes up every 2 years. I invite you to search through this site and see what a 2-way conversation with voters looks like.

Until the videos all upload, all I can direct you to is the post from the Greene County event- “Meet the Democratic candidates for congress in OH-10

Here is mine:

Tom McMasters:

Sharen Neuhardt:

Ryan Steele:

Mack Van Allen

Olivia Freeman:

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