The Republican Candidates in OH-10 are all no-shows

Just got back from a candidates’ night held in Fairborn by the League of Women voters in conjunction with the Tea Party. All the Greene County Republican candidates were there. All the Democrats running for Congress in OH-10 were there- but Congressman Turner couldn’t be bothered- nor could his opposition. Despite a very Republican crowd- the people who want to represent them can’t be bothered to show up. What did Edward Breen and John Anderson have better to do tonight? Turner was probably out soliciting more money for his re-election.

I’ll have video of all the candidates up soon. It’s now up. Feb 8.

The people in Greene Country should be commended, they had more people at this forum than at any I’ve seen in years.

Once again- the Dayton Daily News was not in attendance, nor were any TV stations. Bet they covered Newt Gingrich at Memorial Hall today, who despite not having a snowball’s chance at being the Republican nominee-  can be counted on for spending big money with the media- so he gets coverage.

I’m not a big fan of three-minute speeches- tonight I remembered how short it is. Time to write some stock 3-minute speeches.

What would you want to hear in 3 minutes?
Here are the videos- all 6 Dems plus an appearance of the Libertarian candidate for Congress, David Harlow who is running unopposed.

Harlow’s web site still lists him as a candidate for the Ohio 8th. He’s still a Ross Perot supporter.

David Esrati (me) – main issue take money out of politics, make sure the voters are well informed and able to have a two way conversation with their representative.

Olivia Freeman- who is going to have the “Freeman Administration” and is a business woman who is “already getting things done” by asking for corporate money to fund social problems.
Tom McMasters- who will tell you the same bad joke about how to tell an extroverted physicist, and promises to be a fiscal conservative, if you only read what he blogged about in 1999, you’d realized he solved the worlds problems.

Sharen Neuhardt- has a farm, eee eye eee eyo oh! And, she’s from Dayton and her father was a Dayton policeman, and she couldn’t beat Steve Austria because of the gerrymandered district (if you look up Gerrymandering in Wikipedia, you see a picture of the old OH-7- might have been in another speech)

Ryan Steele is a philosopher/pizza delivery driver who used to be a libertarian until he worked for DP&L and had to shut off peoples power. All of the people I’m running against are nice decent people, but Ryan’s campaign is the most refreshing. You can donate, but never more than $100. His site still isn’t up yet- but I think it’s going to be

Mac Van Allen- He’s running because the “super committee couldn’t get it done”- and this retired teacher from Centerville will teach those people in Congress how to fix it- because he can quote Warren Rudman and knows how to compromise.

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