Unequal justice

And if you are looking for a good reason to vote for a new county prosecutor and sheriff in Montgomery County:

A 24-year-old Riverside man with nine license suspensions told police he had downed six beers prior to an early Sunday hit-and-run that killed a woman and her dog in Harrison Twp.

Jimmie Picklesimer was booked into the Montgomery County Jail, though he was released Monday night, Aug. 2.

via Suspect banned from driving ?9 times.

So just like on TV- where we are treated to a non-stop show of people killing people as if it’s common practice, yet- we’re not allowed to see a nipple, in real life in Southwest Ohio- the penalties for killing someone is to let you go home- while having sex- (in a very weird case) is a major crime:

The 31-year-old Franklin woman who authorities said pretended to be a 14-year-old boy to get close to a teen-age girl has been indicted on misdemeanor charges of sexual imposition, attempted sexual imposition and contributing to the unruliness of a minor.

Patricia Dye, also known as Matt Abrams, was indicted on the charges by a Warren County grand jury, according to a list issued by court officials on Monday, Aug. 2.

Dye was arrested in (sic) June 30 ..

The grand jury declined to indict Dye on a felony charge of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor…

Dye, who is being held on $100,000 bond will be arraigned Tuesday in Warren County Juvenile Court.

via Woman who pretended to be boy indicted on sex charges.

At least the Warren County grand jury didn’t see this confused person worthy of felony charges- but $100,000 bond? Held for over a month? In the first case someone died, in the second case- someone tried to make love- is Justice blind- or just biased by our puritanical values movement?

Mr. Picklesimer has had his license revoked 9 times. He’ll probably get more hate for killing the dog than a woman.

Is it any wonder why Ohio is losing population? Who wants to live in a community where you can get killed with relative impunity?

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larry sizer

Are who wants to live in a community where the sheriff uses his relation and friends to appraise  homes, that makes almost as much money as trolley drivers per hour?


We all are familiar with the corruption with Montgomery County.
How much longer can we allow personal politics(corruption) to mismanage our system of justice, to the benefit  of no-one except themselves?  Can we really toss the lives of the few citizens left in Dayton to the mercy of a law and order business which is corrupt to the very core?
Think twice…….
any questions ….do not hesitate to contact me.


Hopefully now that the (obviously quite brilliant) Mr. Picklesimer has gotten himself arrested for OVI and drug possession while awaiting charges for the hit and run, the judge will have no choice but to throw the book at him.

Ice Bandit
Ice Bandit

In the first case someone died, in the second case- someone tried to make love- is Justice blind- or just biased by our puritanical values movement? (David Esrati)
Making love, dear David? Is that what they call statuatory rape these days? Rest assured had the confused Ms. Dye been a real 31 year old dude trying to get into the jeans of a sweet-sixteen he would be listing his occupation as farmer and his address as London, Ohio. Apparently the object of Ms. Dye’s affection was suffering from malnutrition and some form of abuse when finally discovered by the Warren County constabulary, so any attempts at portraying this episode as a case of star-crossed lovers falls just short of credible. Furthermore Ms. Dye is getting a break by being adjudicated by a juvenile court. And why, dear David, would you classify laws that protects teen-age girls as being “puritanical.” If shielding one of society’s most vulnerable and preyed upon groups is the stuff of the 16th century, then hand the Old Bandito some buckled shoes and a blunderbuss…..


I am your biggest fan.
I, however, agree with David a bit here.  It is worse to kill a person than it is to lie to a person and try to have sex with them.  While I understand that sex with under aged individuals is a huge taboo in our country the fact of the matter is that some 14 year olds are competent to make the decision to have sex and some 30 year olds are not.  It isn’t an age thing.  It is a competency thing.
The government should protect people from coercion and assault, not flirtation.  If the girl was coerced or assaulted, then I am on your side, it is as bad (or close to as bad) as killing someone.  Flirting with a person isn’t.
With all due respect, which is honestly a great deal, I humbly beg you would reconsider your choice of footwear and weaponry.


OK do you know the whole story on that FATEL ACCIDENT it was! that night in question the woman was walking in the middle of the street dark street at that and no jimmie did not down six beers right before he got behind the wheel of his truck. The last 2 people that seen this woman even checked her arms to see if she had herion needle marks because she kept knoding off on their porch and then walk her half way down the street because she was sooo out of it beleive me her tox report was a HELL alot worser than jimmies. I can see why we have repeated felons because when ask you have the right to remain silent they know the drill REMAIN SILENT beleive me its the truth a real felon knows this and how to work the systems.