Montgomery County Prosecutor

Ohio’s Sunshine Laws need to turn from fiction to non-fiction

There is a 250 page guide to the Ohio Sunshine Laws, it’s free. It’s entirely fiction. As a citizen, you are expected to pay filing fees, attorney fees and hope to win pennies on the dollar if that- to make our public officials and quasi-governmental agencies abide by the law. It’s a thankless job. And Read More

Only in Montgomery County- steal and buy your way out of a felony

It was only a crime if you didn’t get caught. Because if you got caught stealing from the taxpayers in Montgomery County- you could just resign and pay the money back. Do bank robbers get the same option? How about the “mugger” who robbed my tenant last week? We already know that CEOs like Mike Read More

It’s law and order time

Last night there were three crews covering the entire central business district. Just one domestic violence call ties up two of them. It’s not enough. There is zero proactive police work being done in Dayton right now thanks to tight budgets and diminished ranks. Even the best police work is hampered by a prosecutor who Read More

Unequal justice

And if you are looking for a good reason to vote for a new county prosecutor and sheriff in Montgomery County: A 24-year-old Riverside man with nine license suspensions told police he had downed six beers prior to an early Sunday hit-and-run that killed a woman and her dog in Harrison Twp. Jimmie Picklesimer was Read More