1 year later: still an unsolved murder

It’s been a year. The killer of Sgt. Maj. North E. Woodall is still missing.

It’s time to stop letting punks run the streets, it’s time to stop making excuses for bad behavior, it’s time to stop blaming the courts, the prosecutor, the system, the drugs, the thugs and the media.We’ve all lost something and someone valuable today.From the Dayton Daily News:

U.S. Army Sgt. Maj. Ret. North E. Woodall was found bloodied and unconscious by a neighbor about 11:30 p.m. Monday, July 27, at 1028 Walton Ave. after an apparent home invasion, police said. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

via Unforgiveable.

He’s not the only one where someone got away with murder in Dayton, Ohio.

Remember Heather Walker? Unsolved.

At CityFolk I ran into an old friend. Her brother’s killer is still missing as well- and he was a Dayton Police Officer: Kevin Brame– and there is a $100,000 reward out for the killer.

While it’s easy to point fingers at the police for not solving these murders- it’s harder to look at our community, and ask “how did we let this happen.”

When did it become OK for some people to live in our city- and cause problems for the rest of us? Why are we afraid to confront society’s rejects and tell them to shape up or ship out? We’ve got one house on our block that the police visit at least weekly- is it fair to the rest of us? How and why does this happen?

Some would say that it’s a lack of fearing God- others say it’s a lack of fearing consequences from “the system”- but- could it be that we’ve failed as a society to integrate? It’s not just a black white thing- (although black males die by homicide at a greater rate than whites)- but it is related to education. Dumb people don’t have as many opportunities as the rest of us- and so they turn to crime.

In a State where the Supreme Court has ruled four times that our system of funding education is unconstitutional- we’re still a stupid electorate- voting in stupid leaders to continue the stupidity. And it’s not because we’re afraid to lock people up:

Ohio houses more prisoners than the three closest states by population — Michigan, Illinois and Pennsylvania — with more than 50,000 inmates.

via Editorial: Ohio can’t keep locking everyone up | A Matter of Opinion.

It’s time to step back and look at what we are achieving by locking up drug-related criminals- while missing murderers. It’s time to come up with a more creative way to fund our schools. If the lottery was supposed to help- and that was OK- maybe a sales tax on pot is a more equitable way?

Just imagine if a whole career field opened up tomorrow for pot-peddling high school dropouts? What would change? Imagine if our homes and businesses weren’t getting broken into to find cash for crack- because we had real health care that took care of addiction professionally? Imagine if the drug subculture came out of the shadows-

Imagine if we found the scumbags who killed Kevin Brame, Heather Walker and North Woodall- and the system was working to protect us from the really dangerous people amongst us?

There is reward out for the Sgt. Maj. Woodall’s killer too- but the real reward is we’d be living in a better community if the real criminals were taken off the streets.

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larry sizer

David: You seem to have forgotten about the woman on the corner of Bonner and Hickory that was murdered a few years back. I had reported it, and had it on my web site about a person under the witness protection program, as well as have the Dayton Defectives come to my house to ask me how I knew this, with me telling them that her mother had told me and my mother. The killer had started a waste can on fire and placed it next to the door where her hands was burnt so bad she couldn’t open the door, it was the fumes and smoke that she died from. When I asked the Dayton Police if it was a murder, they both confirmed it with a positive yes. I recall it like it was yesterday, that men in dress suits and sunglasses combed over the house with a fine tooth comb, while we  (yes there was more than just me, that saw this) sat on the porch across the street watching and wondering if the men in suit’s and tie’s got any dirt or smoke on them. Never did get the final details on that one.


Do you have any idea how many times where they know who did it, but they don’t have enough evidence to get an indictment?

Robert Vigh
Robert Vigh

So, the point of this article is that collectivism prevents murders? That if we give money and programs to would be murderers, they will not murder? ………………….. I think the mob sells protection in almost identical fashion!

I am for legalizing Dope. I think Dope should be able to be purchased with food stamp cards to help that industry really get rolling.

But, in all reality, I think it is about 50% of our law enforcement dollars goes towards drug enforcement. legalizing drugs would essentially double the amount of resources to be applied to violent criminals. And since the legalization of drugs agrees with my individual freedom philosophy, I am down.


Here’s an idea.

How about taking all of the millions of dollars of illegal drugs confiscated annually by our nation’s police departments and distributing them freely to any addict who wants some. 

This would solve the robbery problem because addicts wouldn’t need to steal from the rest of us to buy their poison, and it would solve society’s drug dealing problem because no one would be buying from dealers the poison they can now get for free.

If the police department stash runs low, local low life can rat out their local dealers so the police can go confiscate more. Eventually all the dealers would go away because there’s no more money to be made, and all the addicts would die which is what they seem hell bent on anyway.

It’s a win-win all around.