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Truth to Power

Esrati: Truth to Power has functioned as the best—and perhaps only—source of local investigative journalism in Dayton, Ohio. I was raised by a journalist and when I realized we weren’t getting the important news stories from our local media, I published them myself. Here are some highlights from my decades of exposing corruption in the Dayton region.

  • The joys of running for Congress

    On Wednesday night I held a fundraiser/birthday party at Coco’s Bistro. It was a small gathering, and I felt somewhat guilty asking friends to pony up $125 a plate. I paid my friend, fellow veteran, sometimes client, David Cousino to play music. I brought in delicious cupcakes from sometimes client Twist Cupcakery. The food was…

  • The Feds got coal for Christmas this year

    Esrati details the saga of corruption behind the “culture of corruption” case in Dayton that only targeted black men despite clear evidence that the worst perpetrators got away scot-free.

  • How does a lawyer as bad as Aaron P Hartley still get to practice law in Kettering?

    Lawyer Aaron Hartley abused and raped several women, but the Bar Association and the Montgomery County Prosecutor refused to take action.

  • When the wrong answer and no response spells corruption and coverup

    Esrati exposes corruption involving Assistant to Commissioner Lieberman, John Theobald, and The Wilderness Agency. After steering several contracts to Wilderness and building up the company with public dollars, John Theobald suddenly became their COO.

  • The fall of Wright State

    Esrati exposes the mismanagement of Wright State University that led to hundreds of millions of dollars disappearing and the university on the verge of collapse.

  • International Man of Mystery: Adil Baguirov

    Adil Baguirov lead the Dayton Public School Board and pushed through several shady deals. He didn’t even live in the district. Thanks to Esrati’s reporting, he was exposed and forced to resign before he could pillage more taxpayer funds.

  • Cruel and unusual punishment in the Montgomery County Jail

    Esrati exposes guards at the Montgomery County Jail torturing prisoners. The local media refused to cover it despite the fact the Washington Post did.

  • The calamity named Rhonda Corr

    Esrati uncovers the many failures of the Dayton Public School Board and their hiring of Rhonda Corr.

  • The Flowchart: Your money to the congressman and his pals

    When investigating local corruption, it’s hard not to stumble upon Mike Turner and his cronies. Here’s an example of one of Turner’s schemes that allowed him to cash in on his Congressional seat using taxpayer money.

  • Bad investments by government

    Esrati exposes QBase, a local company, of functioning to recirculate government subsidies back into the campaign funds of the politicians who provide the subsidies. Search “Qbase” to follow the whole story.