Things that make you go hmmmmm

The Dayton City Manager manages a half-billion dollar plus budget, has 2000 odd employees, and has to live in the City.

The Downtown Dayton Partnership president has a staff of under a dozen, a couple of million dollar budget- and can live in Clayton.

Yet, they both get paid about the same.

Downtown partnership sticks with Gudorf
The partnership named Sandra K. Gudorf president Tuesday.

Gudorf, 51, has served as interim president since September, when her predecessor, Maureen Pero, resigned to become vice president of strategic management and legal affairs for CareSource Management Group.

“The right person to lead the partnership has been sitting in front of us the whole time,” said Michael Greitzer, president of Miller Valentine Group and co-chairman of the partnership.

According to federal tax filings, Pero was paid $182,000 in 2004, with $25,000 in benefits. Gudorf will earn a base salary of $125,000, plus the ability to earn an additional 10 percent based on her performance, Greitzer said.

Couldn’t we find an urbanite to take this job? And should this position have pay parity with the City Manager?

Could someone please explain this thinking (or lack of)?

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