First there was the “Death tax” now it’s the “Surrender date”

I’m making another exception to my general rule- stick to local things. I know I’ll regret it.

Word-smithing makes a difference in marketing- and even more in politics. Put a new euphemism on something- and someone will buy it.

I doubt you will find anyone today who will tell you that the Vietnam war was a good idea. Twenty years after we finally get out of Iraq, I think people will say the same about this war.

President Bush says he will veto a bill calling for the funding to stop if troops don’t come out starting in Oct 2007. My question is what is the benchmark that he finds acceptable?

I thought- how about 2 weeks without anyone dying in Iraq- and then we start the pull out? But, then, I thought- could we go 2 weeks in the US without 2 weeks without gun violence- and I realized how insane this is. We can’t even go a week in the Dayton area, without someone dying from gun violence.

So- when it comes to the Presidents “Surrender date”- I have to think back to what “surrender” really means- it means laying down your arms, and putting up your arms. That was what the Iraqi army did when we invaded- and won. I don’t consider walking away from a war zone- with my ability to come back and kick ass at will- anything close to a “Surrender date”- and I doubt any of our troops would call it that.

Our troops are the best in the world- they’ll kick any ass that comes along- and do it without breaking much of a sweat. The only ass that they can’t beat- is the one in the White House. Keeping our troops in a war zone- where there is no war to fight- is keeping them in harms way.

As to the lame argument about fighting terrorists there- so they won’t come here, I dare the whole Muslim world to come here and try to wage a war, between our military, our police, and a whole bunch of gun-toting bubba’s- it would be the worst mistake they ever made.

Which brings me to the point that almost all these “patriots” who insist we have to “stay the course”- just think if you would ever stop taking pot shots at troops from another country – that came here and invaded our country, toppled our government, and tried to install their form of government? I can guarantee that we’d be shooting at them for as long as they stayed.

It’s time to bring our troops home. If Iraq goes to hell, that’s their problem. It’s not a “surrender date” unless we call it that.

If we need to prove it- we can always invade again.

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