The real reason you should vote for the school levy

Warning- this is George Carlin, which means the language is “colorful”

In it- he talks about why education is failing in America- quite clearly.

Thanks to “Drexel” Dave Sparks for sending me the link.

The Dayton School Board may not be the best stewards of our money- but, I trust them more than I trust Pete Forrester (formerly of DP&L) or Finbar O’Neill (maybe still at Reynolds & Reynolds) who have had no problem cashing out at the cost of local jobs.

The election is Tuesday, May 8, 2007. I don’t like paying higher taxes- but given the choice of paying teachers or letting the money get into the hands of CEO’s hell bent on getting rich- by letting our local politicians hand out tax breaks- I prefer to pay teachers.

Besides- education is always a better investment than paying for prisons where the uneducated mostly end up.

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