Dayton Public Schools- Turn out the lights at night

Making the decision to vote for the levy is tough enough- but, the last few times I’ve gone by the E. 5th Street Stivers School of the Arts at night- all the lights have been on.

2 things you should know: the school is being renovated, and, there were no workers working.

You can whine all you want about charter schools costing you money and students (which wouldn’t have happened if the district hadn’t been doing a poor job at educating our students in the first place) – but the reality is taxpayers don’t have a problem paying for good schools- they have a trust problem with the current administration in using those funds correctly (buying the Reynolds and Reynolds HQ for 15+ million dollars wasn’t a smooth move).

An airline quality guru once said that “if customers see a coffee cup ring on their tray table, they extrapolate that into thinking we don’t do our engine maintenance.” Dayton Public Schools needs to turn out the lights.

‘lectricity don’t come cheap these days.

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