Learn something useful?

To all my readers.

Guess what! You can learn how to have a site like this on your own. Or better yet, learn how free, open source software can help you make your work website actually work- and save you money.

I teach a seminar called websitetology that makes all this stuff really easy, how to publish to the web- without having to know any of that HTML stuff- and get to the top of search engines- like Google- without having to pay for it.

The Greater Dayton Advertising Association, IABC and the PRSA  just had a  seminar- charged $139, and people walked out knowing a lot of buzzwords- and very little practical knowledge.

Our seminar is only $79- and at the end, you’ll understand all this stuff- including RSS, CSS, why Flash is bad for a site, how Search works, and how to optimize for it. Ever wondered about webstats? No, you should. We’ll show you how webstats can unearth new opportunities for business.

I don’t usually hawk our services on this site- but, I realized today that one of our readers had no clue that I ran the seminar. So, now you know.

So on May 8, while school futures hang in the balance- you can come learn something that can help you spread the word about your position on school levies – or your business.

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