The plan for Wright State after the fall

The secret plan for Wright State after it goes belly up was accidentally leaked today, as our new Ohio Governor accidentally slipped the tea leaves into the Dayton Daily news:

DeWine’s administration is already looking at infrastructure readiness in cities surrounding Wright-Patterson. He said he’d like to see available buildings right off base so that contractors and other businesses can easily move into a building in close proximity to the military.

Source: Military affairs chief remains unpicked – Dayton Daily News

The University has already seen a 10% enrollment drop, and with the coming strike next Monday, just before the last day to withdraw from classes, WSU will see another 50% drop. Attempts to find quality college professors that will cross picket lines are about as futile as Mike Brown winning a Superbowl or Donald Trump telling the truth. Not only will Wright State be in another fiscal fiasco, DeWine has been just as complicit in allowing the current board who crashed the ship losing $130M continue on as the skippers. He was the Ohio AG through all this after all.

If DeWine doesn’t step in to remove the board and their proxie puppet, Dr. Cheryl Scrader by weeks end, you know that he’s just angling to make sure that his buddies in the Beavercreek Mafia get first dibs on turning Wright State into more of Pentagon Parkway.

The Nutter Center will become the new Greene County Convention Center, and Clark State will keep a building or two for offering all those “STEM” certificate programs that WSU Trustees General Moore and Douglas Fecher think are the keys to future jobs.

Wright State as a four year institution of higher learning will be dead. And the people who pulled the trigger won’t be held accountable at all.

The only person without any culpability who should remain on the Board is Bruce Langos. He may be the only one who understands that if you don’t have teachers and you are selling education- your business is kaput.

Of course, all the secret shell corporations, WSRI, WSARC, Double Bowler Properties, Wright State Foundation, WBI, ATIC, and SOCHE, will all remain in business, sucking off the last vestiges of what the state and the university faculty built. The Med School will be spun off separately, so that Premier and Kettering Health can keep their pipeline of cheap slave labor available.

Tom Hanks will be begged to invest in the film school to keep it open, decline, and the $150M raised in his name will finally be accounted for- as it turns out it went into the pockets of….

to be continued.

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