Sunshine laws smackdown case continued (that’s delayed for us non-lawyers)

Judges were assigned Jan 2, 2018. The panel was to be Judges Froelich, Welbaum, Tucker.

Apparently, in their reviews of the case so far, one of them determined a conflict and has recused themselves.

update: “Judge Jeffrey E. Froelich has recused himself from this appeal. The case will go back into the court’s scheduling process. When an argument is re-scheduled, you will receive a notice of the date and the panel.”

Probably for the same reason the original trial court judge, Dennis Langer, also recused himself since they both sit on the the Dayton Public Schools Foundation (see Froelich bio)

The oral arguments have been delayed until further notice.

The hearing was supposed to be tomorrow, Jan 15 at 10:30.


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