The Oregon District liquor battle continues….

Community forum:

Tuesday, April 11, 7 to 8 pm

Park Manor Community Room
(Park Manor is the tall senior housing just S. of the Urban Krag)

Guest speaker attorney Steve Milby, former director of Dayton’s City Law Department, will discuss liquor permits in the Oregon District. Learn about the history and rationale for the OHDS liquor permit policy. Mr. Milby will present a brief overview of the three grounds upon which to object to liquor licenses: location,character of the applicant and saturation. Mr. Milby was instrumentalin guiding previous OHDS Trustees in developing the policy as well as in representing the City of Dayton in numerous liquor license hearings and court cases involving the district. He will also answer questions from attendees and the OHDS Trustees will hear comments from attendees. Come and put your 2 cents in.

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