“the leader for Dayton’s future” features Dayton’s past on his last ditch marketing

I’m sorry, this isn’t going to seem right on election day. People will say “Esrati went negative”- and that’s not the point of this at all. I just want to report the news as I see it, so all know what’s going on.

I waited way later than I normally vote to head to the polls. At 11:30 I was voter 38 in Precinct 1-D. That’s a light turnout folks.

Lined up on Burns Ave, at Warren Street, in the tree lawn were signs for Lutz, Williams, Mims, Whaley and Wagner.  I didn’t do my stencils or put out signs at the polling place because I believe that the people going to vote made up their mind before they got to the polls- and they’d see my name on the ballot when they get inside, where it counts.

photo by David Esrati of AJ Wagner's poll lit person.

Handing out AJ Literature outside the poll today

At the parking lot- and barely 100 ft from the polls, was a guy handing out lit for “AJ Wanger, the leader for Dayton’s future” I took one. Right on the front is a photo of “AJ Wagner with former Dayton Mayor Rhine McLin”- the person who lost 4 years ago to Gary Leitzell, despite spending 6x what Gary spent. Never mind, she’s also on the Board of Elections, and if the vote is close, she’ll have to recuse herself from any decisions, which could hurt AJ.

The literature also features county commissioners Judy Dodge and Debbie Lieberman as well as Creola Reese “community activist”

I’ve scanned it and am posting it here for you to see.

If you get something else anywhere else in town- please let me know.

Front of AJ Wagners last ditch polling place literature with link to pdf

What AJ is handing out at Dayton Polling places today. Click on image to download full pdf- both sides


Does linking your self to the past make it seem like you are the leader for Dayton’s future?

We’ll find out tonight.

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