Dayton Auction Results

Dayton – Mayor
  • Gary D. Leitzell 2338 23.69%
  • A. J. Wagner 2566 26.00%
  • Nan Whaley 4965 50.31%
Dayton City Commission
  • David Esrati 2087 11.80%
  • David K. Greer 2230 12.61%
  • Joseph C. Lutz 1696 9.59%
  • Jeffrey J. Mims Jr. 5282 29.88%
  • Joey D. Williams 6384 36.11%

Nan spent, conservative estimate: $180,000 for 4965 votes or $36.25 a vote

AJ spent $80,000 for 2566 votes or $31.79 a vote
Gary spent $2000, or about $.85 a vote.
Extrapolate that out, to get the 17,000 odd votes it takes to win, Nan will have to raise $616,250 to win.
Thank you to Joey Lutz for giving us a primary- and the chance to have data on where I need to work.
Thanks to William Pace for getting 650+ good signatures only to show how our Board of Elections pays no heed to the sunshine laws or the voters rights act. That battle isn’t over.
Thanks for the help of Gary Leitzell and David Greer who helped me reach a lot more people than I would have alone.
Thanks to AJ Wagner for being someone I can support in the upcoming race.
I look forward to working with Mr. Greer to get our ideas out.
If these don’t look like impossible odds to you, please consider donating to my campaign at
Apathy in Dayton is the true enemy of democracy.
It’s up to you to do something about it.


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