The idiots in Congress

As of yesterday, the idiots in Congress decided to turn their “government shutdown” into a paid vacation for government employees.

the House, in a rare Saturday session, voted unanimously to guarantee that federal workers would receive back pay once the shutdown ended, offering a promise of relief, if not an actual rescue, to more than one million government employees either furloughed or working without pay.

via In Surprise Announcement, Hagel Recalls Most Defense Department Workers –

Excuse me? What’s the point of the shutdown then? We’re not saving money, we’re not delivering government, and yet- we will pay people for work they didn’t do? With a Congress like this- who needs a government at all?

I’ve heard people suggest that picking 535 random Americans to go to Congress would probably give us at least the same level of incompetence as these idiots we have. WYSO did an interview with Congressman Mike Turner- who when asked if he would donate his pay- told the interviewer he was working and dodged the question. His main concern was getting people back to work at WPAFB, where of course, they spent our money buying the C-27J which the military didn’t want, so that brand new planes are now being delivered to the boneyard.

I was talking to a friend at an event last night about her attempt to sell her house. Unfortunately, since the government is “shut down,” loans aren’t being processed because the people at FHA aren’t working. But, now they will get paid.

Unfortunately, when Congress doesn’t work, we can’t fire them until election time, and it costs at least a million to unseat one of them. If this system seems flawed to you, join the club.

If this were a business, the CEO would fire Congress and hire people who could get the job done. But, in a “democracy” we have to suffer through this gross incompetence.

We need a government that doesn’t cost so much- either through excess or stupidity. But, the real question is how to get there?

  • Should we require IQ tests for people running for office, or for the voters?
  • Instead of holding elections where billions are spent with the media and on stupid yard signs and literature that says nothing- should we just switch to auctions where seats are given to the highest bidder and the money goes to pay down the debt?

Neither of the above are the answer, but the influence of money in politics has distorted our system into something the founding fathers would find un-American.

If Congress can’t keep government open, it should be clear that they are the ones no longer needed. And even though I thought Sharron Neuhardt and Josh Mandel were incompetent, a simple way to end these kinds of pissing matches is that the people that the sitting congress beat in their last election should be automatically appointed to their seats. The sitting Congress would lose all pay and accrued benefits as well. Representing the people is a public service, one that should come before any personal agenda. Unseating and replacing Congress with their last opponent in the case of a shutdown should end this malarkey once and for all.

Game changer.

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