The Fraze Freeze out

The economy is bad. Unemployment in Dayton is high. Want to treat the family to something special for next to nothing? The answer used to be to go sit outside the Fraze Pavilion and listen to the show.

Well no more:

People who like to listen to Fraze Pavilion concerts without paying to get in are the targets of a new plan to end the practice.

The city and some private property owners near the Fraze, 695 Lincoln Park Blvd., want to prohibit trespassing in areas along Lincoln Park Boulevard between Isaac Prugh Way and Commons Way. The boulevard splits at Isaac Prugh Way and Commons Way and surrounds the concert venue.

“Private property is not going to be available,” Mary Beth Thaman, Kettering’s director of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts Department, told Kettering City Council members during their Tuesday, March 9, work session.

The city plans to add no trespassing signs in these private property areas and increase police patrol when necessary, City Manager Mark Schwieterman said. The city also wants to make sure the sidewalks near these private properties are opened up for traveling pedestrians.

via Tailgating at Fraze coming to an end.

For those who aren’t familiar with the Fraze, it’s an outdoor concert venue in the middle of a beautiful boulevard. It seats 4,300 and has free shows as well as huge national acts. Sheryl Crowe did her live DVD there a few years back- it’s a nice joint. Personally, I prefer the lawn seating to the front row- or the bleachers in the back, but, for some- the best seats are along the sides of the boulevard stage left or right.

It’s these areas that the City is now going to turn into a no-fan zone. You won’t even be able to park your pickup and sit in the back from the way it sounds. Ah, America- home of the free- only sometimes.

The area to the rear- where the gates are, used to be a good spot too- but, over the years, they have moved the ropes further and further out- to push you nearer to the fountains- that run during shows and create “white noise” to sort of kill the sound. They also close off the access to the public restrooms to anyone other than ticket holders- all of this helping create the problems that they now want to solve with draconian measures.

It was 9 a.m. when Greg showed up- wanting to tape today’s edition of the Dayton Grassroots Daily Show on this very topic. (We can’t upload video till everyone leaves the office- since it eats bandwidth.)

I understand the qualms of the private property owners, however, there may be room for compromise. After all, the taxpayers did fund this beautiful facility- and their ability to benefit from it should be maximized even if they can’t afford a ticket.

We’re open to suggestions for solutions.


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