The Big Obama “Hope” poster at HQ

Photo of Obama “Hope” poster in the Dayton OH Obama for president office window

Yesterday I printed out a big “Hope” poster and took it down to HQ. A lot of people like it- including Spike Lee.
I was so worried about campaign rules- I put on it that I donated the printing- but- neglected to tell people who designed it- which I feel really bad about.
So here is everything you need to know- if you are interested- it was done by a graphic designer in California- Shepard Fariey – who was responsible for the “Andre the Giant” “Obey” posters. It was done because Shepard believes in Obama- and was donating the proceeds of his limited edition screen prints to Obama.
However- the poster took off- faster and bigger than Shepard could print them- they ended up on E-bay-and it’s got a bit out of hand.
Some people really don’t like it- thinking it reminds them of the Soviet posters from the 30’s- but any true student of graphic design knows the style was also used by the WPA here at the same time-
Either way, the point is – it stirs emotion- much like Senator Obama does.
I’ve told the campaign- to either give it back when they move out- or auction it off for either charity or the Senator’s campaign.
Here are some links to articles about it:
New York Times design guru Stephen Heller:
Cool Hunting:
Creativity Magazine:
if you want to create your own small version:

I’ve written Shepard twice asking him to put the image out there for all to print and distribute- to help the campaign- and haven’t received an answer. I don’t own the rights, and don’t feel I should be making copies- except for the campaign until I hear back from Shepard.

[update- 27 Oct] This poster has become iconic- and has inspired so many spoofs- a collection of them can be found here:

If you want a free sticker post election- see this site:

They will be offering a new Shepard Fairey Obama “yes we did-victory” poster starting Saturday November 8, at 12:30 p.m. ET.

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