Misquotes in the Dayton Daily News-

Spike Lee as Mars Blackmon with MJ in the backgroundI was at the Spike Lee talk at the Schuster Center- along with a whole lot of other people. Right at the beginning Spike talked which way this country to go- depending on our vote in the primary Mar. 4. There was a big delay before his final direction- but look what the paper quoted (I’m just including this to show how they don’t always get it right):

Spike Lee says he supports Obama, talks of childhood in Brooklyn
“We are living in some very exciting times,” said Lee, speaking at the university’s Diversity Lecture Series Monday. “And the months leading up to the election in November will determine which way this country is going to go; forward or backward. It’s up to you to do the right thing.”

What Spike said was “Forward, STAGNANT, or… backward”- referring to the Clinton campaign as the status quo option. I don’t have this on tape- but, I knew right then that Spike and I were on the same wavelength. Except, right after he said it- I mumbled about “how much more backward can we go?” which got a rise out of those sitting around me.

Just remember, when you read it in the Dayton Daily News- even if it has “quotes” around it- it doesn’t mean it’s verbatim. And, yes, I’m being a crybaby right now.

Anyone else hear the same thing? Any other thoughts about why Spike said? The online version of the DDN actually cut out the part that was in the paper about how Spike said “Parents are the biggest killers of dreams”- which is what I think a lot of people in attendance will be thinking about long past Spikes talk.

I’m thankful that my parents have supported my dreams and believed in me as long as I can remember- even when I did some things that sure seemed dumb at the time (buying a house for $14,500 in 1986 that looked like a dump).

And when I said I was going to run for Congress- Dad said: “Run, David, run” – actually, maybe I shouldn’t put that in quotes- he may have said “go, David, go”- but you get the point.

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