The Big Idea Breakfast: The Dayton Bcycle project

The wheels are in motion- and the right people are jumping on board.

My goal is to get the Dayton Bcycle bike share program in place in Spring of 2010. It’s time to put Dayton on the map for something big, that’s really about getting small. Riding bicycles is a great way to stay fit, engage with your local community, end dependence on foreign oil, cut down traffic and parking problems, eliminate carbon emissions and save money. Bike sharing can help us do all that, as well as normalizing the bicycle as a means of transportation. We’re not trying to replace your car- just to get you to go multi-modal, using various forms of transportation as often as possible.

And of course, this project has that key to making anything in Dayton attractive to the old guard- a connection to Dayton’s first family of bike builders: Orville and Wilbur Wright.

Here is my ad-lib, wind picture presentation to the Dayton Marketing Community “Big Idea Breakfast”

If you’d like me to come speak at your group- (hopefully, along with a projector and a slide deck) drop me an e-mail.

There is more information on this project on this post: Pave more roads or free bikes? Stimulus for the future make sure to read the comments for links to other resources.

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