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The first 5 times I ran for office, I tried to do it without accepting campaign contributions- and limited it to $1000- which seemed reasonable for a part time job- that paid $30K a year. I was an idiot.

The last time I ran- back in 1997- I accepted campaign money- even had yard signs (note to self- never put anything that would date your sign on a sign- like “please vote Nov. 2nd” so you can use them again).

The results were scary. I raised $6000 without an organization, or a party. Bootsie Neal raised $10,000, Dean Lovelace raised $12,000. It was a three way race for 2 seats- me against two incumbents. The results came in- I had 6000 votes, Bootsie had 10,000 votes, and Dean had 12,000. That was the wake up call that American politics isn’t about the power of ideas- but the power of money.

Read the link above to “Dayton Politics”- and then the link to the Columbus Dispatch. For a candidate to be donating 2.1 million in 3 years- is a terrifying prospect.

Considering Ohio State Representatives only make about $55K a year- you know it’s not his money he’s playing with. Should we still call the “representatives”- or should we just call them what they’ve become- puppets for sale?

What do you think?

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