That “Crazy” “Reputation” and don’t believe everything you read in the Dayton Daily News

Gathering signatures can get all kinds of interesting feedback. From slammed doors to “Come on in.” People can be cruel, or incredibly nice. I’ve had to listen to people call me crazy and mention my “reputation.” Invariably, I ask if they’ve ever been to my website or read my positions- and the answer is always no.

Every once in a while, someone invites me in, and tells me that they think this site is amazing. One couple thanked me profusely for pointing out the shwarma in South Park– and how they were so happy to discover it.

And then there was David Greer. One of the most respected attorneys in town, and a long-time acquaintence. You may know him from his alter ego gig as head of the Classic Jazz Stompers– they play the Stars lounge at the Crowne Plaza every Wednesday night.

Well aware of the real story of the “ski mask” case, Mr. Greer was willing to sit down and give a short video endorsement.


The text:Hi I’m Dave Greer and I’ve been living Downtown since 1985 and in this town since 1937, and those last number of years Downtown have made me a great believer in the need to get the downtown revitalized. Dave Esrati is running for Commission and he’s a good candidate who has gotten a bad rap for a ski mask incident years ago, they got the wrong message, I think he’s doing his best to promote all the development downtown, to make this again the gem in the center of Montgomery County. And I think he’s going to be a good candidate.”

I was also told that I made a Dayton Firefighter the maddest his wife has ever seen him for my post about the District Chief plan. Of course, I tried to explain that if he had a better idea to cut costs, he was welcome to suggest it, but, she still wasn’t going to sign my petition, especially since I was wearing my Obama t-shirt. I guess I won’t be getting the support of the IAFF this time around (they did endorse me when I ran against Bootsie and Dean, surprisingly).

As much as some claim me to be notorious, it still amazes me how many people have never heard of me. I’m asking all of you to ask your friends to take a look at this site, and do your part to dispel the “reputation” and explain how this site will bring a new level of transparency to our city.

When asked what my platform is- I’ve sort of formulated a short answer:

To move this city toward UniGov and regionalism, and to shift the Dayton City Commission into a role of “Board of Directors” to guide and grade the city manager. It’s time we asked more of the Manager and less of the Mayor. Their pay rates should make it clear who should be at the forefront of leading our city.

One other note: If you are reading this on, you are missing out on the comments and community. The main reason I let my content be syndicated is so that government employees can still read the content- yet can’t get in trouble for reading

Hopefully, one day, that won’t be necessary.

Spread the word. Please. If you believe in Change- and you believe in Dayton. Esrati for Dayton City Commission

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