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That “Crazy” “Reputation” and don’t believe everything you read in the Dayton Daily News

Gathering signatures can get all kinds of interesting feedback. From slammed doors to “Come on in.” People can be cruel, or incredibly nice. I’ve had to listen to people call me crazy and mention my “reputation.” Invariably, I ask if they’ve ever been to my website or read my positions- and the answer is always no.

Every once in a while, someone invites me in, and tells me that they think this site is amazing. One couple thanked me profusely for pointing out the shwarma in South Park [1]– and how they were so happy to discover it.

And then there was David Greer. One of the most respected attorneys in town [2], and a long-time acquaintence. You may know him from his alter ego gig as head of the Classic Jazz Stompers [3]– they play the Stars lounge at the Crowne Plaza every Wednesday night.

Well aware of the real story of the “ski mask” case [4], Mr. Greer was willing to sit down and give a short video endorsement.


The text:Hi I’m Dave Greer and I’ve been living Downtown since 1985 and in this town since 1937, and those last number of years Downtown have made me a great believer in the need to get the downtown revitalized. Dave Esrati is running for Commission and he’s a good candidate who has gotten a bad rap for a ski mask incident years ago, they got the wrong message, I think he’s doing his best to promote all the development downtown, to make this again the gem in the center of Montgomery County. And I think he’s going to be a good candidate.”

I was also told that I made a Dayton Firefighter the maddest his wife has ever seen him for my post about the District Chief [5] plan. Of course, I tried to explain that if he had a better idea to cut costs, he was welcome to suggest it, but, she still wasn’t going to sign my petition, especially since I was wearing my Obama t-shirt. I guess I won’t be getting the support of the IAFF this time around (they did endorse me when I ran against Bootsie and Dean, surprisingly).

As much as some claim me to be notorious, it still amazes me how many people have never heard of me. I’m asking all of you to ask your friends to take a look at this site, and do your part to dispel the “reputation” and explain how this site will bring a new level of transparency to our city.

When asked what my platform is- I’ve sort of formulated a short answer:

To move this city toward UniGov and regionalism, and to shift the Dayton City Commission into a role of “Board of Directors” to guide and grade the city manager. It’s time we asked more of the Manager and less of the Mayor. Their pay rates should make it clear who should be at the forefront of leading our city.

One other note: If you are reading this on DaytonOS.com, you are missing out on the comments and community. The main reason I let my content be syndicated is so that government employees can still read the content- yet can’t get in trouble for reading esrati.com

Hopefully, one day, that won’t be necessary.

Spread the word. Please. If you believe in Change- and you believe in Dayton. Esrati for Dayton City Commission

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It’s time we asked more of the Manager and less of the Mayor.
David, this is not a good part of your platform. The city has been hamstrung by a lackluster and weak Mayor for many years. City managers come and go after they make some policy decisions they do not have to live with. A strong mayor form of city government has been demonstrated to be the best mechanism to move touble cities forward, i.e., New York, Boston, Cinci, etc… Mayors are accountable to the citizens and more often than not they really care about their city. Unlike most city managers. I would recommend you re-think this part of your platform. Regionalism is a great concept but there are too many “kingdoms” in this area that will have no part of it. Especially the south suburbs.


UniGov vs Non UniGov…….. who cares at this point. What we need is someone in there that cares and is passionate. We elect people in Dayton on BS ideas…..quite frankly, we just need people who give a shit, and I mean really give a shit.

I take on David’s ideas all the time, and often disagree with his ideas and “platform”, but one thing I know is he cares. At this point that far out weighs “ideas”, bc everyone’s “ideas” end up getting in the way of their egos. We need someone who cares.

David Esrati will always get my vote for that reason and that reason alone. Dayton needs heart and action.

Jim Crotty

I can’t argue with Gene on that one. David not only cares, he’s got the guts to stick his neck out for what he feels is right, and that’s why I respect him. And good for David Greer voicing his support. Greer is a class act and probably knows better than anyone else what really goes on behind the scenes.


I sure can not argue the point about a dumb question coming from Abner. Do not mention his name too loud or he will crawl out from under the rock he is hiding if he hears him name mentioned in the same sentence as City Hall. The best bet for Uni-gov is for the State to mandate it in 3 year increments. Run David Run!!!!!!


Crazy? Maybe a little.

Reputation? Legend.

Yes, I read your website. There is no question you are passionate about Dayton, but you are also such an incredible egoist, I would have difficulty trusting you in a position of authority.

Too often, what I read on your site is “Oh, if they had only listened to me.” Has it ocurred to you that there might be a reason folks don’t listen to you?


That is his “job” – and he does it well, Roger. It is also better than the alternative.

People don’t listen to him bc his soap box is located in the wrong place. Also, a lot of his ideas revolve around spending a pile of money and taxing the hell out of people. But I still read and listen to his ideas.

Look who we have now – look who has been there in the past. Clay Dixon can’t read. Bootsie Neal was as qualified as my dog. Abner – the guy who said, “we were 6-4 our senior year in football, and with a little luck we could have been 8-3.” Real leaders there.

We have elected people who can’t tie their shoes……. losers to be honest.

Roger, why don’t you run?

David Esrati

the reason they don’t listen to me- is they are too busy buying whatever is being served up by the rich, behind closed doors.
The ice arena is a perfect example.
We’ve never even had a discussion to say that we really want one- but now, we’re arguing about where it will go…

As to my ego. I lost to Bootsie and Dean. Do you really think I have much to brag about?


“the reason they don’t listen to me- is they are too busy buying whatever is being served up by the rich, behind closed doors.
The ice arena is a perfect example.
We’ve never even had a discussion to say that we really want one- but now, we’re arguing about where it will go…”

Well, its not Randy Gunlock pulling the strings in this case, but there are a number of wealthy individuals…and a mysterious PAC…that have made sustanital (over $1,000) contributions to Judy Dodges and Dan Foleys recent races. The PAC is entitled Citizens Forum of the Miami Valley and its mailing address is in, get this, downtown Columbus. Wealthy contributors are people like Oberers and the Mathiles and Michael Ervin, who usually contribute to…..Repubicans? They apparently make exception to party loyalty to contribute to Democratic candidates to county commission Figure that one out.


According to http://www.campaignmoney.com/political/committees/citizens-forum-of-the-miami-valley.asp?cycle=08 the top donors are major democratics. I did not see any republicans names.

ShortWest Rick

The misconception here is that Dayton residents actually turn out in numbers to vote for a commission or mayoral candidate. There are three catagories of voters, those who never miss election day and vote straight ticket and name recognition with some but little party variation, those who are incentivised to vote on one issue or for one candidate, who are hit & miss straight party voters and those who actually come out to vote their choice on candidates and issues… who are the minority.
You probably don’t have a million dollars on hand David to win a comission seat, tonight while I was having a beer at Milanos on Brown, Ann Coulter was commenting on the octuplet baby mama but the volume was down… for chrisake… what could Ann Coulter have to say about it? but her talking head mug was on CNN anyway…
You’ll need to get free media to become name recognition David, choose your story carefully that will last till November, I’d suggest people being robbed and shot on street corners… and you’ll have to get your face in the camera at every opportunity… you’ll have to convince the viewers of channels 2,7,22 & 45 that you have a plan to deal with crime in Dayton.

Drexel Dave Sparks

Wise words Rick.


Platform? Key objectives? My opinion, for what it is worth, is to get out your message on a few KEY issues, and keep it simple. People who seem to get elected do not have 109 issues, rather 3 or 4 or 5 major points they try to address. This is about finally getting you elected, so don’t let your passion for a lot of subjects get in the way. Keep it simple, bc Dayton and it’s people are rather simple.

When you get elected you can drive home the other 105 points you may have.

You will get my vote, like you did last time in the primary. Yes, I am a register “Demo-rat.”